12000 Miles from the Amazon!

I decided to embark on my longest flight yet! Traveling across the world from the lush rainforest of the Amazon, to the small country of Brunei in the stunning A350 (which can make this journey without the need to refuel). Here are some of my shots from this insane 23 hour flight! Enjoy!


Airplane and Livery: A359 - Infinite Flight
Server: Expert
Date: 28AUG2020 1700Z - 29AUG2020 1600Z
Flight time: 22 hours and 58 minutes
Route: Manaus (SBEG) To Brunei Intl. (WBSB)

Skipping towards a scenic turn outside of Manaus Airport over the Amazon.


The enormous Sahara Desert.

Cruising over Jeddah!

Moonshot! (my first attempt)

South of Mumbai.

Gear down after almost 23 hours.


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Thanks for reading!


Great pics! Can you PM me the FPL please? I might want to do this route…

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Ok lemme find it, it was quite basic. I made it myself. It’s late for me, so I’ll send it to you at about 1300Z SEP03

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This could help for now.

That moonshot was Amazing for a first attempt just like the other photos

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Awesome photos! Also FYI, the video is private and I need to request access to see it, so you might want to switch it to public.

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