120 Fps for top tier phones

HEY IFC staff, i would like to see a good feature, 120 fps for top tier phones.

Why? Because, playing at top tier phone with 60 fps, is kinda… crazy, screen isnt so smooth as display rate…

And thats will be a good update for top tier phone users.

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At some point, perhaps :)

High frame rates on flight simulators are generally quite hard to achieve as there’s loads of things going on behind the scenes (physics calculations etc) and generally not that desirable. Take MSFS for example, running 35-55FPS with an overclocked RTX 3090 (a $2k GPU) in 4K resolution, slightly higher in 1440p. Now, Infinite Flight isn’t at that level of graphics (at least not in all aspects). But we’re not a first person shooter either where higher frame rates are desirable and sometimes even required.


for me, i have s21 ultra, i dont have any problem with Fps, just want smoother frames…

That much is understood.
But as mentioned, it’s not quite that simple :)

Frames per second is more than just smoother frame rates. The number calculations, renderings etc etc are doubled. And to be entirely fair, i doubt even the S21 Ultra would be able to handle that knowing how Samsung throttles.


Samsung fixed throttle problems.
in last update

I’m not referring to a bug, it’s a generic configuration they have used for years.
But again;

There’s currently no device on the market, where Infinite Flight would be able to run at 120fps. So at this time, there’s no point for us to release such a functionality :)

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oh, okay! thanks for information!

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From a conversation I had with Phillipe:

Not at this point. 120Hz is not sustainable … it might work for games with short session but i highly doubt that many games are able to sustain such refresh rate for an extended period of time.
At 120Hz, it means that we have a total of 8.33ms to run the physics, draw the terrain, the airports, the lights, the aircraft …etc :)

And then of course everything Seb mentioned. 120Hz really wouldn’t be that noticeable in a flight simulator, and is honestly pointless. I’d rather have a stable 60fps with consistently high graphics than 120fps with stuttering and inconsistencies