12 Violations and I didn’t Notice?!

Hi there,

I just canceled a 1:20h flight from Tromso to Svalbard because I was looking at my stats and was shocked 😳
I noticed that 30 mins into the flight I had apparently violated 12 times and I didn’t get 1 warning. I was cruising at an altitude of 34000feet in a Dash-8 at 235knts (just below the speed limit).
The only odd thing that was going on, was that I constantly got “overspend” warning, so I throttled down, yet nothing would happen. As the red Bars(indicating the overspeed) weren’t touched, I assumed it was a bug so I kept flying?

Is there anything we can do here?

Oh Its a bug of systems

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May I ask why you were that close to Overspeeding?

Were you away from your device?

Ultimately it is the PIC’s responsibility to ensure security of the aircraft’s airspeed. You shouldn’t have been cruising so close to the limit. Should this have legitimately been a bug, they may be removed.


Take a look at this:

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The Dash 8 Q-400 ceiling altitude is WAY bellow

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Reduce flighttime obviously

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The point is, that I wasn’t on the limit, nor over it, yet I still got overspeed warnings. Unfortunately I don’t have proof so that’s it then 😕

I’ll take a look , thanks 👍

Know your aircraft and it’s limitations. Be safe out there ;)