12 people bypass TSA checkpoint left unattended at JFK airport

To make things worse, Transportation Security Administration did not tell the police until 2 hours after the incident, but those people had already boarded flights. By that time, they (the people who bypassed the checkpoint) could have already done God knows what! Thankfully, those people are just regular citizens and not terrorists.

The TSA really needs to fix themselves, especially in a major airport like JFK!


Such a shame that they letted them bypass the security…


“Rather than notifying the police, who are specifically trained to handle those situations, the TSA used its own agents to search for the unscreened passengers.”

At least they tried to fix their mistake, but they should have notified the correct authorities.


Exactly! And they should have done so as soon as the accident happened.

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Well someone is being fired …


I can just imagine the TSA agents thinking “well it’s only the PreCheck lane, it’ll be fine…” Might explain why they took two hours to report this to the Police.

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Disappointing! This is why the public is hesitant about flying!

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