12 months ( 5 reports )

Expert server is the most professional way for many pilots to fly in. However, many of us including myself have worked all the way up to make it into the expert server and when new enforcements were created, I was even more impressed as there would be no more trolls. However, there were times I got ghosted. I would personally like to fly back in the expert server but have no clue on how to reduce my ghost. Also, will there be a feature for ghost to reset anytime soon? I really worked hard for expert. Do let me know how I can get back on the expert server! Miss it loads!


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Well for one, you can’t reduce your ghost , sorry to burst your bubble, and second. I don’t feel like there is going to be a ghost reset since, more enforced rules were put on ghosting. Having to reset everyone’s ghost like that is like releasing a pack of hyenas to feed on a gazelle, they will keep coming back for more. Having to erase what we tried to originally erase wouldn’t be very smart

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@Ryan_Vidad does that mean pilots like me won’t be able to fly in the expert server forever? Also thanks for sharing the info with me.

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It means that you will have to wait for your earliest ghosting to ‘expire’ (ie be more than 365 days old) (: