12 hour long haul flight

I want to do a 12 hour flight from New York but don’t know a destination
what should I pick?

Does it have to exist?

Try New York to Papeete, probably around 12 hours and 30 minutes.

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JFK to Abu Dhabi is 12 hours

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Kind of like what Armani said by anything in the Middle East will be about 12 hrs

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That’s what I will do

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Thank you for telling me this going to take off now

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Just make sure you’re actually flying out of JFK, it will take 11-12 hours going from JFK-DOH, but right now I’m flying DOH-PHL and my flight time will be 15 hours


11 hours 30 minutes to Honolulu from KJFK.

One of the longest Domestic Flights in the United States. I believe Hawaiian Airlines Honolulu to Boston is currently the longest.

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Sydney to Beijing is 12hrs or Sydney to Seoul is also 12hrs

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  • Tokyo
  • Santiago (on the shorter side)
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai
  • Doha
  • Lagos
  • Instabul (on the shorter side)
  • Honolulu (on the shorter side)

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