12-Hour Cargo Run


Last night, @SB110 and I flew together from Singapore to Luxembourg in the CargoLux 747-8.

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CargoLux 747-8

@SB110 enters runway 2L for takeoff, as I hold behind him.

Rotaté, departing north.

Kuala Lumpur from 34,000 feet looks spectacular.

I woke up about three hours before I normally do in order to complete this flight, and I was rewarded by the sight of Baku, Azerbaijan.

Frankfurt was and still is quite busy with ATC presence. I believe @Flying_Pencil was on the job.

Soon after, Laura made a server-wide announcement thanking all the members of IFATC and their hard work during these times where most of us are at home.

Approaching runway 6 at ELLX as @SB110 exits the runway…

to be greeted by @Alec forming a blockade in the taxiway! He moved his position when @SB110 approached him on the taxiway.

After laughing that off, I manually landed the 747 on to runway 6. I’d say I didn’t do that bad!

Thank you for viewing these photos!

Disclaimer: These photos are mine. If you would like to use them, please send me a PM.


Those are very nice!


Awesome pictures!!


I really enjoyed doing this flight with you! Thank you!

Here’s my flight report.

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