12 Days of Christmas Aviation Version

I was bored and came up with this, and thought I’d share given that Christmas is right around the corner for those who celebrate. (Turns out you can create anything with an aviation theme)

Happy Holidays whichever way you celebrate!

To the tune of the song 12 Days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my pilot gave to me:

12 pilots flying
11 ground crews working
10 radars scanning
9 controllers controlling
8 props a-firing
7 flight plans filing
6 planes a-landing
5 delayed flights
4 go-arounds
3 lost bags
2 pushback tugs
and a CAT III landing in dense fog


Good job. Might need to try to rhyme a little better though.

I mean it’s not going to be perfect (actual song isn’t necessarily a rhyme scheme). Thanks though!

Thats super clever. Even though it does not rhyme perfectly, it still has a nice ring to it


😂 Thanks For making my day!


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