[12 Competing!] Lukla Landing Competition // @VNLK // 100300ZNOV19

Are there any more spots?

Yeah, One last one for Wave 2 or would you like Wave 3?

Can I have a reserved spot I may come to it I just don’t know yet. I will follow up on Saturday before my 🏈 game.

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Oh and Xclub pls also I have never really crashed it there at VNLK

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Ill take it in a C208 please

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It would be an absolute pleasure to partake in this event. Please include me, I will be in Cessna 172.

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All Added now!

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To whom it may concern


Hey would t be okay to change my aircraft to TBM thanks @Matt_Croatia001

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What time will each wave be arriving?

I can’t come sorry, I arrive at SFO 10 minutes after the event starts from ATL. But great event!

1h 27mn left!

Not sure if his event will be going ahead because he’s suspended now.

Who got suspended?

@Matt_Croatia001 did, he’s the owner of the event.

the creator of the event because she/he’s underaged apparently. click on his/her profile picture

Is it possible that someone else can host the event?

I’ll have a talk with him and see what he thinks. I will let you know what he says as soon as possible.

@Qantas094 is the event still going on?

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Haven’t heard back yet