[12 Competing!] Lukla Landing Competition // @VNLK // 100300ZNOV19

Thoughtfully made by @Qantas094


Welcome to the brand spanking new landing competition in Lukla. This will be a really hard one because if you go around you have a possibility of hitting a mountain.

Event Information

The event will be held on the Training Server

The event will be held on 2019-11-10T03:00:00Z

This will automatically change to your Timezone

How to get to Lukla

There is only way to get there

Fly in from another airport.

ATC at the event

Tower might present to make sure landings and departures are safe and smooth.


Lukla Gates

First Wave Of Aircraft

Gate Pilot Aircraft
Hanger @Matt_Croatia001 Cessna 172
Gate 1 @rockpapernuke XCub
Gate 2 @Tsumia TBM-930
Gate 3 @nsfw TBM-930
Gate 4 @Cooper TBM-930

Second Wave

Gate Pilot Aircraft
Hangar @Blue_Lantern TBM-930
Gate 1 @Logan TBM-930
Gate 2 @TheFlyingGuy1 C208
Gate 3 @anon41771314 TBM-930
Gate 4 @KennedyTurner C208

Third wave of Aircraft

Gate Pilot Aircraft
Hanger @N801VP TBM-930
Gate 1 @SaberToothCamel Cessna 172
Once you’ve landed make your way to the gate. Hold there for 2 minutes and request taxi and takeoff.

What You’ll be judged on




Control over the aircraft


General Aviation only, no one is permitted to bring any Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Fairchild Republic and McDonnell Douglas aircraft to the event, that also includes the C-130 Family, Fighter Jets and Cessna Citation X. Should you spawn in with one of them you will be disqualified effective immediately, consider this your first and final warning. Please be respectful to everyone attending and follow all ATC instructions.

Enjoy and may the best person win!


I’ll take any gate in the XCub!! sign me up!


Oooh lemme get a gate! I’ll come in with the TBM! Also why 3AM Zulu?


Sign me a gate. I’ll be in the TBM


Mate it’s at 3AM I’m sorry but just the timing doesn’t work

I can provide ATC services during this event.

So he can be there too…


I’ll take a gate please with a TBM! Thank you!

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TBM gate 1 please ;)

I’ll take a gate in a TBM. Thank you

There’s only 4 gates and 6 of you want a spot, you might be able to attend after someone takes off because of the gate restrictions. We will wait for @Matt_Croatia001 to respond. The event is being held at 0300Z because of his Timezone, the time for him at 0300 will be 1400 AEDT.


Since everyone is landing there I say don’t do gate assignments and have everyone just park anywhere at the apron

If I can join i will fly the C208

@Qantas094 This is the first set of Aircraft

So you should put first lot, second lot, etc in so people know. In my opinion.

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Any gate in a tbm please!

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I’ve Added everyone! Time for me to practise

Can I be the tower and ground controller? 1300 operations and counting.

I suck at buttering/greasing, especially if this is Lukla

I had an Offer from TSATC yesterday and I took it up. Unless your apart of TSATC, sorry no.

How about approach/departure?

By the way I asked earlier to no response

No thanks its alright!