[12 attending] [Sponsored by Plane and Pilot and Tailwinds Flying Club!] Americas Busiest: Volume One @ KCLT - 181800ZAUG19

Get your gate now!

Hopefully I can work ATC for the event! I’m a CLT based airline pilot IRL. I know that place like the back of my hand!

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I would like a gate in E concourse Crj200 to KROA plz if you can make one for that 😁

Callsign: Blue Streak 198

If you are an IFATC I am pretty sure you can’t open at a random airport @IFATC_Andrew, would you like a gate instead?

@American_1549 I’ll sign you up, enjoy!

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A simple request can be made, 😜 most of the time it’s fine

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Let’s get some signups going!

Can I get a American 738 to KDFW

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I’ll sign you up!

Lets get some signups going, event is in a little more then a month!

Exactly one month left, sign up now!

Is this on Training server?

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It’s on expert

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B9 737-800 AAL to PHX Pls :)

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I’ll sign you up, thanks for joining


Less then a month left until the event!
Sign up now

Can I have B4 to the nation’s capital? And in IF we don’t have the american livery on the a319 so can I take the a320 which does

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Sure thing, just wanted to keep it realistic but i understand. You are signed up!

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May I take D6 American to Caymen please. Thanks

Of course I’ll sign you up

Thanks, also call sign NAZ32

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