[12 attending] [Sponsored by Plane and Pilot and Tailwinds Flying Club!] Americas Busiest: Volume One @ KCLT - 181800ZAUG19

Americas Busiest: Volume One


In this series we will explore the top ten busiest airports in the United States, starting with Charlotte and ending with Atlanta. All of these airports were ranked in the top 10 in passenger carry according to Wikipedia. Follow along and join as many events as you can, it is sure to be an amazing series. If you want to see the schedule of these events it will be listed below.



Las Vegas-KLAS-2019-10-20T07:00:00Z

San Francisco-KSFO-2019-11-24T08:00:00Z

New York-KJFK-2019-12-29T08:00:00Z


Dallas/Fort Worth-KDFW-2020-02-23T08:00:00Z


Los Angeles-KLAX-2020-04-26T07:00:00Z


About Charlotte:

Charlotte Douglass International Airport is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The city of Charlotte is home to 847,000 people and is ranked as the 23rd highest population in the United States. The airport was founded in 1935, then named Charlotte Municipal Airport. As of 2017 it was named the 10th busiest airport in the United States, with the number of passengers going through Charlotte was totaled at 22,011,225 million people. The airport also is a hub to American Airlines and is a major gateway to all of the Caribbean. The airport opened to commercial service in 1954 and has been open ever since.

For more information on KCLT see here:

Airport Chart:



Choose any of the gates below and I will sign you up!

Concourse A
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
A1 Delta Boeing 712 To Minneapolis (KMSP)
A2A Delta Boeing738 To Salt Lake City (KSLC
A2B Delta Bombardier CRJ9 To New York (KJFK)
A2 Delta Boeing 712 To Atlanta (KATL)
A4 Delta Boeing 712 To Detroit (KDTW)
A5 Delta Bombardier CRJ9 To New York (KLGA)
A6 Delta Boeing 712 To Minneapolis (KMSP)
A7 Delta Bombardier CRJ9 To New York (KJFK)
A8 Delta Boeing 712 To Atlanta (KATL)
A9 Delta Bombardier CRJ9 To New York (KLGA)
A10 Delta Boeing 738 To Salt Lake City (KSLC)
A11 United Embraer 170 To Houston (KIAH)
A12 United Embraer 170 To Denver (KDEN) @KGJT-9149
A13 United Bombardier CRJ7 To Washington D.C. (KIAD)
A21 United Embraer 170 To Newark (KEWR)
A22 JetBlue Embraer 190 To New York (KJFK)
A23 Southwest Boeing 737 To Dallas (KDAL)
A24 Southwest Boeing 737 To Chicago (KMDW)
A25 Southwest Boeing 737 To Houston (KHOU)
A26 Southwest Boeing 737 To Baltimore (KBWI)
A27 Air Canada Embraer 175 To Toronto (CYYZ)
A28 Frontier Airbus 320 To Denver (KDEN)
A29 Frontier Airbus 320 To Providence (KPVD) @Plnelovr

Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
B1 American Airbus 319 To Indianapolis (KIND)
B2 American Airbus 319 To Hartford (KBDL)
B3 American Airbus 321 To Austin (KAUS)
B4 American Airbus 320 To Washington D.C. (KDCA)
B5 American Airbus 321 To Nashville (KBNA)
B6 American Boeing 738 To New York (KJFK)
B7 American Airbus 321 To Miami (KMIA)
B8 American Boeing 738 To Syracuse (KSYR)
B9 American Airbus 321 To Phoenix (KPHX) @Kevinsoto1502
B10 American Boeing 738 To Chicago (KORD) @TaipeiGuru
B11 American Boeing 738 To Raleigh (KRDU)
B12 American Boeing 738 To Dallas (KDFW) @BadPlane
B13 American Airbus 319 To San Antonio (KSAT)
B15 American Airbus 319 To Philadelphia (KPHL)
B16 American Airbus 333 To Frankfurt (EDDF)

Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
C1 American Airbus 319 To Savannah (KSAV)
C2 American Embraer 175 To Key West (KEYW)
C3 American Embraer 175 To Nantucket (KACK)
C4 American Airbus 321 To Savannah (KSAV)
C5 American Embraer 175 To Hilton Head (KHXD)
C6 American Airbus 319 To Toronto (CYYZ)
C7 American Airbus 320 To Palm Beach (KPBI)
C8 American Airbus 321 To Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
C9 American Airbus A320 To Baltimore (KBWI)
C10 American Airbus 321 To Newark (KEWR)
C11 American Boeing 738 To Boston (KBOS)
C12 American Airbus 319 To Atlanta (KATL)
C13 American Airbus 321 To Seattle (KSEA)
C14 American Airbus 319 To New York (KLGA)
C15 American Airbus 320 To Hartford (KBDL)
C16 American Airbus 321 To Fort Lauderdale (KFLL)
C17 American Airbus 319 To Austin (KAUS)
C18 American Airbus 319 To Southwest Florida (KRSW)

Concourse D
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
D1 American Embraer 175 To Omaha (KOMA)
D2 American Airbus 321 To Sangster (MKJS) @Matt93
D3 American Airbus 319 To Nassau (MYNN)
D4 Volaris Airbus 320 To Guadalajara (MMGL)
D5 American Airbus 321 To Cancun (MMUN) @SB110
D6 American Airbus 321 To Grand Cayman (MWCR) @United2
D7 American Airbus 321 To Phoenix (KPHX) @Kevinsoto1502
D8 American Boeing 738 To Boston (KBOS)
D9 American Airbus 321 To Orlando (KMCO)
D10 American Airbus 321 To Punta Cana (MDPC)
D11 American Airbus 321 To San Juan (TJSJ)
D12 Lufthansa Airbus 340 To Munich (EDDM) @anon45500775
D13 American Airbus 321 To Boston (KBOS)

Concourse E
Gate Airline Aircraft Route User
E1 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Tri-State (KHTS)
E2 American Embraer 175 To Charlottesville (KCHO)
E3 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Asheville (KAVL)
E4 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Jacksonville (KOAJ)
E5 American Bombardier CRJ9 To Birmingham (KBHM)
E6 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Roanoke (KROA) @American_1549
E7 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Cincinnati (KCVG)
E8 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Jackson (KJAN)
E9 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Tallahassee (KTLH)
E10 American Embraer 175 To Columbia (KCAE)
E11 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Raleigh (KRDU)
E12 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Syracuse (KSYR)
E13 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Panama City (KECP)
E14 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Jacksonville (KJAX)
E15 American Bombardier CRJ9 To Rapid City (KRAP)
E16 American Bombardier CRJ2 To South Bend (KSBN)
E17 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Louisville (KSDF)
E18 American Bombardier CRJ9 To Pittsburgh (KPIT)
E19 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Richmond (KRIC)
E20 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Washington D.C. (KIAD)
E21 American Bombardier CRJ9 To Portland (KPWM)
E22 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Destin/Fort Walton (KVPS)
E23 American Bombardier CRJ9 To Indianapolis (KIND)
E24 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Charleston (KCRW)
E25 American Bombardier CRJ9 To Wilmington (KILM)
E26 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Colombus (KCMH)
E27 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Gainesville (KGNV) @Kate_Russell
E28 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Bangor (KBGR)
E29 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Traverse City (KTVC)
E30 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Washington D.C. (KDCA)
E31 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Akron (KCAK)
E32 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Florence (KFLO)
E33 American Bombardier CRJ9 To Huntsville (KHSV)
E34 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Dane County (KMSN)
E35 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Greenville (KGSP)
E36 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Manchester (KMHT)
E37 American Bombardier CRJ2 To Melbourne (KMLB)
E38 American Bombardier CRJ7 To Greenville (KPGV)






  • Please you Unicom respectfully
  • No fighter jets allowed at the event
  • Please spawn 15-20 minutes before the event starts
  • Pay attention to the group chat at all times
  • Post all screenshots to the event topic
  • Have Fun!

Side Notes:

  • You may substitute routes if they are realistic
  • To request a route please do the following:

State your route and call sign

This event is open to a sponsorship from any VA/O

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Looks great! Could I get the American 738 to KORD? Callsign is BAVA421.

Everyone get your gate now, sure to be a huge event!

Sure thing, can’t wait to see you there

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Let’s fill up Charlotte!

Get your gate now!

Plane and Pilot is now sponsoring our event!

20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510

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Charlotte is waiting, join now!

Hi, can I take American A321 to MKJS? Call sign American 93.

Sure thing, I will sign you up now!

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Can I get a gate to Munich in the A340?

It was used before the A350.

Of course, wasn’t sure what aircraft to put in place of the A350

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Happy that another event is featuring my home airport!

CLT-SLC is not used with the 712. Irl it’s the B738

Also, @anon45500775 isn’t asking for the AA flight to EDDM. It’s the LH. They used 333s and 340s before A359 service so he wants the A346 on that route

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Sorry, have been adding on my phone and didn’t read the post thoroughly, as for the SLC route I will have to check on that. For the meantime, would you like a gate.

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I don’t think I’ll be able to. 2pm with school isn’t rolling for me. Wish u the best though!

There are more routes that have incorrect aircraft. If you want, I could DM you the correct aircraft.

I would appreciate it, I checked each route myself but that would be helpful

We always have @Pilot_urp to fix CLT Problems :)


Concurse D Gate 7 American A320 to LAX please :)

The gate is yours!

Lets get some more sign ups going!

We are now sponsored by TFC!