[12 ATTENDING!] Say Ciao to Italy! Milan Malpensa Flyout @LIMC! 101600ZJUL19

                        Say Ciao To Italy!


Milan Malpensa Airport [IATA: MXP , ICAO: LIMC ) is the largest international airport in the Milan metropolitan area in northern Italy. It serves 15 million inhabitants in Lombardy, Piedmont, and Liguria, as well as those living in the Swiss Canton of Ticino. The airport is located 49 kilometres (30 mi) northwest of central Milan, next to the Ticino river dividing Lombardy and Piedmont. The airport has two terminals and two runways as well as a dedicated cargo terminal.

In 2018, Malpensa Airport handled 24,725,490 passengers and was the 25th busiest airport in Europe in terms of passengers and 2nd busiest airport in Italy in terms of passengers. Until 2008, Malpensa Airport was a major hub for flag carrier Alitalia. Malpensa Airport remains the second-busiest Italian airport for international passenger traffic after Rome Fiumicino Airport, and the busiest for freight and cargo, handling over 500,000 tons of international freight annually.

This event is a fly-out, meaning that you can fly any route in, or out of Milan Malpensa airport. Some Arrivals and departures are found below:





Server: Expert

Airport: LIMC

Time: 1600Z (Europe, Serbia 6pm)

NOTAM: Unicom will be used. Please be respectful


Concourse A

Gates Airline Aircraft Destination attendant
B35 Alitalia A321 Rome @Blue_Diamond196
B36 Air Serbia none Belgrade none
B37 Aeroflot none Moscow DME none
B38 Air India B788 Delhi @Siddhansh (Air India 069)
B39 Air India B788 Delhi @Suhas
B40 Air China none Shanghai none
B41 American Airlines B777 Miami @A350iscool
B42 American Airlines B777 New York JFK @Adam_Goodman
B43 Air France none Paris CDG none
B44 British Airways A320 London Heathrow @Bomrno

Concourse B

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
B1 Brussels Airlines none Brussels none
B2 Singapore Airlines none Singapore Changi none
B3 Qatar Airways none Doha Hamad none
B4 Emirates A380 Dubai @Ecoops123
B5 Etihad none Abu Dhabi none
B6 Wizz Air none Bucharest none
B7 Lufthansa none Frankfurt none
B8 Lufthansa none Munich none
B9 LOT polish airlines B737-800 Warsaw @Boris_Huang
B10 Iberia none Madrid none
B11 Vueling none Barcelona none
B12 Swiss none Zurich none
B13 Easy Jet none Geneva none

Concourse C

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Attendant
A1 SAS none Copenhagen none
A2 Austrian none Vienna none
A3 RyanAir B737-800 Dublin @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
A4 KLM none Amsterdam Schipol @GiulioRomano
A5 KLM B737-8 Amsterdam Schipol @Roubsan
A6 Turkish Airlines none Istanbul none
A7 Air Canada none Toronto @anon41771314
A8 United Airlines none Newark none
A9 El Al none Tel Aviv none
A10 Air italy none Olbia none
A11 Air Italy none Rome none
A12 Air Italy none Bangkok none

(More gates will be added if needed)

If you plan on joining, please give the required information as shown on table please. (including
If you don’t think you can make it, no worries! I can put you on a Stand-by gate!
Thanks for looking! Anyone that joins will be greatly appreciated!
Have a nice day.

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Hi can i have Air India 788 to Delhi??

To add the finishing touches into your event, mind putting in the Aircraft and livery into the gates? It would just make things much easier and I could find a gate easier, than using info from fr24. Nice Airport btw. 👍


@Siddhansh lol you rated the event a 1

Unfortunately I can’t join, however I want to fix some stuff:
-I think the time is wrong, 1600z isn’t 4pm Serbia time, it should be 6pm Serbia time since Serbia is 2 hours ahead of Zulu

-Add the date to the forum

Sure, you’re signed up! You got gate B10. thanks for joining. What’s your callsign?

What do you mean mate?

Give other events a chance please @AlphaSeven. Anyways aside from that looks like a decent event. I can’t come though


Oh! My bad then.

What do you mean? And Thanks! :)

Can I also have a Air india 788 to VIDP?

I mean that one bump every day is too much, meaning other events will be pushed further down.

One per week is fine. If you’re looking for more attendees, make the event further in advance.

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Sure! you’ve got gate B9 :) thanks for coming!

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The Airline and Aircraft list is empty. Mind filling them up for this event?

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They’re empty so they when someone signs up, I can just fill the slots up with the information the member has given

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I’ve talked to several people on my other event, and they say a bump every 1-2 days is fine.

We would love to have the airline and aircraft list so we can have a list of all places we can go.

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But I’ve already given examples of routes in the topic. Is that not enough?

That’s like, a very very small fraction of the routes. At least just put a Wikipedia link to the airlines and destinations.

Oh look, we are not here to bother you much. I’ll join in the event soon. Here is what I mean. 👇

Check this event for example. I think it could just make it much easier for people to look up for gates.

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@Kuba_Jaroszczyk. Guys, I’ve just updated the topic. Can you see if the gates are now okay?

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