[12 Attending][Landed!] Tahoe Beautiful! @ KRNO - 241845ZNOV18

Tahoe Beautiful!

This event will take place in Reno Tahoe Intl. Airport (KRNO). We will Flyout to many destinations! Let’s have fun in Beautiful Tahoe!


Edits Done By Me (Airport Logo Credits go to) https://www.google.com/search?q=reno+tahoe+airport&tbm=isch&ved=2ahUKEwj4nrHLhMveAhViKH0KHc6MClEQ2-cCegQIABAC&oq=reno+tahoe+airport&gs_l=mobile-gws-wiz-img.3..35i39j0l4.5411.6647..6771...0.0..0.187.804.6j2…0…1.PNnvoPnd58U&ei=W3HnW7iFBuLQ9APOmaqIBQ&client=safari&prmd=mniv&biw=375&bih=635&hl=en-us#imgrc=AHKwqBb63fp62M

Server: Expert

Airport: KRNO Reno-Tahoe International Airport

Time: 1845Z November 24, 2018 7:45 PM

NOTAM: No Escorts // Follow ATC Instuctions or Unicom Rules // Have Fun!

Contact Me (PM) For ATC if You Are Part of IFATC

If You’d Like a Route to a Different Destination with one of the airlines, PM Me


Concourse B

Gate | Airline |/| Aircraft | Destination | Attendant
B01: Southwest [(737) KRNO-KLAS -
B02: Southwest [(738) KRNO-KDAL -
B03: Southwest [(737) KRNO-KOAK - @ItsBlitz
B04: Southwest [(737) KRNO-KSJC - @BigBert10
B05: Southwest [(738) KRNO-KSJC - @Fly207
B06: Southwest [(738) KRNO-KPHX -
B07: Southwest [(737) KRNO-KSAN -
B08: Southwest [(737) KRNO-KLAX - @Plane-Train-TV
B09: Southwest [(738) KRNO-KDEN -
B10: Southwest [(737) KRNO-KSAN -
B11: Southwest [(738) KRNO-KMDW -

Concourse C

Gate | Airline |/| Aircraft | Destination | Attendant
C01: Delta [(CRJ200) KRNO-KSMF -
C02: Alaska [(Q400) KRNO-KSEA -
C03: United [(CRJ700) KRNO-KSFO - @Playr_Mar
C04: United [(739) KRNO-KLAX - @Rodrigo_Villalobos
C05: Alaska [(A320) KRNO-KSFO -
C06: American [(CRJ-900) KRNO-KPHX -
C07: American [(738) KRNO-KDFW - @Travis_rice
C08: American [(738) KRNO-KORD -
C09: JetBlue [(A320) KRNO-KLGB- @Plnelovr
C10: JetBlue [(A321) KRNO-KBOS-
C11: Allegiant [(A320) KRNO-KLAS-
C12: Delta [(A319) KRNO-KSLC-


Cargo 01: UPS [(757) KRNO-KIND-
Cargo 02: UPS [(757) KRNO-KSDF-
Cargo 03: UPS [(MD11) KRNO-KCVG-
Cargo 04: UPS [(A330F) KRNO-KCVG-
Cargo 05: UPS [(MD11) KRNO-KSDF-
Cargo 06: FedEx [(MD11) KRNO-KMEM- @Kevinsoto1502
Cargo 07: FedEx [(C208) KRNO-KBOI-
Cargo 08: FedEx [(MD11) KRNO-KOAK- @EthanT2
Cargo 09: FedEx [(C208) KRNO-KFAT-

More Cargo Will Be Added if Needed!

General Aviation

RNO Jet Center 01: [(CitationX) KRNO-???-
RNO Jet Center 02: [(CitationX) KRNO-???-
RNO Jet Center 03: [(C22) KRNO-???-
RNO Jet Center 04: [(C208) KRNO-KTRK- @Gabe_Z
RNO Jet Center 05: [(TBM930) KRNO-KSJC- @Darpan
RNO Jet Center 06: [(TBM930) KRNO-???-

More Gates Will Be Added if Needed!

Lets Have Some Fun In KRNO

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Tahoe is very beautiful, I have been there once! It will be pleasure if I join this event! What you think? Sign me up!
General Aviation

  • RNO Jet Center 04: C208 KRNO - KTRK
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Thanks For Attending!

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KRNO-KBWI is not a real route (:

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll change it

Can I have GA 5, I’ll let you know when i decide a route.


Alright @Darpan !

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These are only seasonal routes and are currently not in service.

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I know, don’t worry. I just wanted to include as much routes that Southwest operates from RNO as possible so I don’t only have 5 different routes ;)


Anyways, hopefully I am able to make it. I have friends from Seattle that are staying with me on the 24th but I think I should be able to make it.

Southwest 6325 to you know where I want to go please! But instead of the B738, I want it to be the B737.



So KRNO to KDEN, Alright!



I’ll take gate C09 with service to Long Beach

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Thanks for attending! Service to Long Beach is booked :)

Evening sir.
I’d like to represent for United Virtual
May I please request Gate: C03
Dest. KSFO
Callsign: UVA-138
Thank you. 🤝

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Where’s your boss, tell him to DM please.

promotion time heh

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You got it! C03 To KSFO if Booked.

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C07: American [(738) KRNO-KDFW -

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Alright, have fun!

Can I grab a cargo gate over to KOAK? Thanks.

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Sure thing, see you there

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