[12 Attending!] A Phoenix International Airport Fly-out! @ KPHX - 251600ZMAY19

So, yay or nay on cargo?

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Can I have KPHX to KSEA Delta A321? Thanks

American Airlines T4 Gare A19 is used for KPHX to KOMA. A319

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@AarkonTV, @Capt_Ced, see you at the event!

@BadPlane, sorry to dissapoint, but I just do not have enough free time to add cargo gates. Sorry, I hope you will still be at the event. 😭

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I would like to join if possible. Can I take:
Gate 18- KPHX-KLAX (Delta Airlines [Delta B739])

Can I take gate A22 to DFW // on the A321

See you guys at the event!

Is it ok if I just fly the IRL route from the cargo area. If not, I’ll keep my gate

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Can i have Gate 13 to Seattle please?

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Sure, that is fine!

Can I have gate A1 to Colorado Springs?

Sure! See you at the event!

I need to change my destination to ATL

Going to have to give up my gate as I will not be able to attend, hope it goes well! :)

Ok so the event host @Pingu is inactive

I’m on. 777 AA to London

We can start pushing back at 1600Z on the dot since the host isn’t available

Roger that.

Are you loading up?

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I’m on. B739 to LAX

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