[12 Attending!] A Phoenix International Airport Fly-out! @ KPHX - 251600ZMAY19

Welcome, all! This is my third event, and after making a survey to decide where the event would be held, you guys decided!

KPHX- Phoenix Sky Harbour International Airport!


Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport KPHX (Phoenix International) is a civil-military public airport 3 miles (2.6 nm; 4.8 km) southeast of downtown Phoenix, in Maricopa County, Arizona, United StatesIt is Arizona’s largest and busiest airport, and among the largest commercial airports in the United States. In 2018, PHX served 44,943,686 passengers, making it the forty-fourth busiest airport in the world.

The airport serves as the sixth-largest hub for American Airlines with over 250 daily departures to 95 destinations in 5 countries. American carries nearly 46% of all PHX passengers as of December 2017 (more than 20 million passengers) and employs nearly 9,500 people, making it the airport’s largest carrier. The airport also serves as one of the largest operating bases for Southwest Airlines with 188 daily departures to 53 cities across the United States.

This will be a realistic event, so please respect other flyers and follow the basic rules of the Expert Server.




Terminal 2

Gate 1- KPHX-KMSP [Sun Country Airlines (Generic B738)]
Gate 2- KPHX-KLAS [Spirit Airlines (Spirit A321)]
Gate 3- KPHX-KSJC [Sun Country Airlines (Generic B738)]
Gate 4- KPHX-KMCO [Spirit Airlines (Spirit A319)]
Gate 5- KPHX-KEWR [United Airlines (United B752)]
Gate 6- KPHX-KSMF [Spirit Airlines (Spirit A319)] @Boris_Huang
Gate 7- KPHX-KLAX [United Airlines (United B737)] @TheTyGuy426
Gate 8- ///CLOSED///
Gate 9- KPHX-PANC [Alaska Airlines (Alaskan B739)]
Gate 10- KPHX-KORD [United Airlines (Star Alliance B752)]
Gate 11- KPHX-KSAN [Alaskan Airlines (Alaskan B738)]
Gate 12- ///CLOSED///
Gate 13- KPHX-KSEA [Alaskan Airlines (More to Love B739)] @JulianQ

Terminal 3

Gate 15- KPHX- KORD (Sun Country Airlines [Generic B738])
Gate 16- KPHX-KATL (Delta Airlines [Delta B752])
Gate 17- KPHX-KSEA (Delta Airlines [Delta A321]) @AarkonTV
Gate 18- KPHX-KLAX (Delta Airlines [Delta B739]) @travelingcornstalk
Gate 19- KPHX-KDTW (Delta Airlines [Delta B738]) @langer00am
Gate 20- KPHX-KDEN (Frontier Airlines [Ozzy A320]) @esant_15
Gate 23- KPHX- KMSP (Delta Airlines [Delta B752])
Gate 24- KPHX-KTTN (Frontier Airlines [Hugh A320])
Gates 25 & 26 are closed

Terminal 4

Gates A1 - A29 are all American Airlines. You can fly any realistic American Airlines flight that is flown out of KPHX. DOMESTIC ONLY.
Gate A1- KPHX-KCOS (American Airlines [American A319])
Gate A2-
Gate A3-
Gate A4-
Gate A5-
Gate A6- KPHX-KSAN (American Airlines [American A321])
Gate A7-
Gate A8-
Gate A9-
Gate A10-
Gate A11-
Gate A12-
Gate A13-
Gate A14-
Gate A15-
Gate A16-
Gate A17-
Gate A18-
Gate A19- KPHX-KOMA [American Airlines (American A319)]
Gate A20-
Gate A21-
Gate A22- KPHX-KDFW [American Airlines (American A319)]
Gate A23-
Gate A24-
Gate A25-
Gate A26-
Gate A27-
Gate A28-
Gate A29-
Gate B17- ///CLOSED///
Gate B18- KPHX-EGLL (British Airways [British B744])
Gate B19- KPHX-PHNL (Hawaiian Airlines [Hawaiian B763])
Gate B20- ///CLOSED///
Gate B21- KPHX-EGLL (American Airlines [American B77W]) @Capt_Ced
Gate B22- KPHX-EDDF (Condor [Thomas Cook B763])
Gate B23- KPHX-MMUN (Volaris [Volaris A319])
Gate B24- ///CLOSED///
Gate B25- KPHX-MMMX (Volaris [Volaris A319])
Gate B26- ///CLOSED///
Gate B27- KPHX-CYVR (Air Canada [Air Canada A321])
Gate B28- KPHX-CYYZ (Air Canada [Air Canada Rouge A319])
Gates D1 - C19 is all Southwest Airlines. You can fly any realistic Southwest Airlines flight that is flown out of KPHX.
Gate D1-
Gate D2-
Gate D3-
Gate D4-
Gate D5-
Gate D6-
Gate D7-
Gate D8-
Gate C1-
Gate C2-
Gate C3-
Gate C4-
Gate C5-
Gate C6-
Gate C7-
Gate C8- KPHX-KBNA (Southwest [Southwest B738]) @JeromeJ
Gate C9-
Gate C10- KPHX-KAUS (Southwest [Southwest B737]) @BadPlane
Gate C11- KPHX-KSJC (Southwest [Southwest B738]) @GlobalFlyer1
Gate C12-
Gate C13-
Gate C14-
Gate C15-
Gate C16-
Gate C17-
Gate C18-
Gate C19-

Thank you! I hope to see you at the event!

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Can I take the American Airlines 777 out of B21 Please. Phoenix is my home base.


Can I take a flight to San Jose with Southwest?

Note that I’ll be in Chicago for this event, and may not make it though!


@Capt_Ced, @GlobalFlyer1
Hope to see you guys at the event!

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Form which terminal does international fly out??

Terminal 4.

But you said only domestic flight!!

Can I have a 738 to KAUS

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Can I have an American gate to SAN with the A321

Just something really quickly, but Sun Country does not actually fly to San Jose from Phoenix 😀

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Can I have gate 20 to Denver?

can i get terminal 3 gate 19 to KDTW instead of KMSP as there is already a route there.

I’ll take gate 6,thanks!!!

@Boris_Huang, @langer00am, @esant_15, @mvh1221 , @BadPlane, hope to see you at the event!

@anon58665202, just to clarify, I said gates A1-A29 are domestic. The rest of the gates are international or Southwest.


Ok cool I will see if I got time!!

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Hold on, is there cargo?

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Would you like me to add cargo?


I’ll have C8 in a 737-800 to Nashville (KBNA)

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YES @Pingu , And I will take an MD-11 to KMEM

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Less than 1 week until the event! Let’s try to get as many sign ups as possible!