12.9 Inch Ipad Pro or 11 Inch Ipad pro

I am currently looking at a new IPad I have the 10.5 Inch Ipad pro I am debating between the 11 inch or 12.9 inch Ipad Pro what do you like better for Infinite Flight

It’s up to you. The 12.9 inch will obviously have a bigger display but might be harder to tilt or move around considering how massive it is.

The 11 inch has a little smaller display but might be easier to control.

It’s really up to you. I recommend also thinking about which device you would want for tasks other than IF.

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12.9 the one I’m using right now is perfect to use for ATC. If you consider to fly more than you want to control you might go with the smaller one.

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I have huge hands so flying with a big device is not a huge problem

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Not an Apple user in any aspect but my suggestion is for you to get something comfortable to hold. Big screen is nice but if it’s heavy to carry and hard to fit it in your hand it is not a good choice.

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if you use a joystick like me then the 12.9 inch should be better as you are not actually holding the device.

Tbh I would highly recommend you base the decision on tasks you do every day that will need the iPad of it’s intended use. Like if it’s only just for infinite flight then bigger is better but the tech specs would be identical and you would save some money if you get the 11 inch as there wouldn’t really be a noticeable difference other than 1.9 inches larger.

Having tried both, I’d go with the 11”. I used the 12.9 inch (second generation) and I personally found it too big. While it was nice to have a big screen, it was a little too heavy to hold up and fly IMO.

I currently use the iPad Pro 11 inch (2018) and find it perfect size. If you don’t mind the device being a little heavy and would prefer a bigger screen, then go for the 12.9”.

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