12,358 miles non-stop - I DID IT!


Seville (Spain) - Christchurch (New Zealand)

Longest distance between two countries (Peru & Cambodia also on list)

Flight time: 20hr05min

Photos included are from above Gibraltor, Cape Town and Antarctica. Witnessing also a beautiful sunset somewhere over Antarctica.

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 with infinite flight 10 year anniversary livery.

Server: Expert

Note: this was on a full tank with no passengers or luggage, as i dont think it would’ve been possible with the extra weight. Climbing to 32,000ft and step climbing to 37,000ft and then the remainder of the flight at 40,000ft. Travelling at M:0.89.


right…not sure the aircraft would still be airworthy after flying 20 hours at that speed…

Good achievement though.


You’re probably right! It was still a great journey in a great aircraft, none the less.

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Those are some tired pilots!


Nice last year i did Madrid to Auckland on the Iberia A350

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Nice shots!

Overnight shifts lol

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Like the airborne photos! Did you butter your landing though?

Your trip is looking very interesting, good job but…

Next time remain on RVSM rules for your altitudes FL320 then FL360* not FL370 or I might have conflics with you if ever I meet you uphere ; )

Also depends on the country. France is a notable example for when it’s often the other way around. From what I know these rules are only really definite for ocean crossings.

My math says that you could’ve made it (optimizing everything) with up to 26% ZFW, but it would require flying at M 0.85 and FL280 (most efficient).

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Yep I definitely saw you on the Live flight app. And I was also heading to Antarctica to do my longest flight in the a350 lol.

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Congrats! Well done! Long flight!:)

It’s called “non-standard”, you are instructed by ATC to “climb FL330 non-standard” for example but for trafic reasons…
I never saw what you’re talking about here

I am in the Sim right now doing a ORY-RUN on the expert server and I just met a Speedbird 777 from East to West at FL350 while I was to my side at FL350.
I let you guess what I did when I saw him coming…I had to descnd to FL340 because of people taking non-standard altitudes.
This is also why I told you if ever I meet you this way in the Sim, we might have conflics with eachother.

But anyway

As far as I know it has nothing to do with that. It’s just that some countries with their main traffic flows being north-sourth or vice versa as opposed to east-west organize it in the way of having north = even and south = odd no matter if west or east. As far as I read this is also published in the IFR en route charts so is standard procedure above those countries. It’s easy to see on FR24 above France for example.

Did you happen to catch how much fuel you had left? lol