12-13 Hour route Suggestions


Lately I am getting very busy but still want to fly! So the only thing I can really do is long haul. Where I take off in the morning and land in the evening like 07:30 to 20:00. So basically anything 12 hours + but not over like 14hours.

BUT, I am out of ideas! So I would really appreciate any suggestions from you.

I’d appreciate it if you have got a suggestion you include the Route (Duh), Flight Time and Airline.

Many Thanks


KMEM-OMDB Boeing 777F

KMEM MEM NFOUR 3607N/8910W PXV SVM 4316N/8243W 4343N/8209W 4440N/8118W YVO 4948N/7430W ILUGO YWK 5632N/6142W 5728N/5800W 5900N/5000W 5800N/4000W 5700N/3000W 5700N/2000W SUNOT KESIX AGORI ORSUM NEVIS FINDO MADAD SUSIS GIVEM NAVEL CUTEL AVRAL 5508N/500E SUTEB ABLUN GOMKU DHE GOLEN 5339N/935E AMLUH BUMIL BKD PITEN 5252N/1204E 5242N/1226E 5223N/1435E OLUMA KULUV VELAB 5118N/1707E GOMOR BAREX MYSKO BALOS VAVEL EKVAT LENOV MALBE OBENO SIRSI RUMUK BIBOR BUKUR 4648N/2613E BCU 4617N/2700E PELES EVIKA GLT DUNAV 4460N/2844E 4425N/2937E GALMI 4348N/3030E BANUR ROMOK LAGIR SUGUL KUGOS SIN CRM ODALI EBEDI KONUK TALIL NAREN RENGI 3821N/4150E 3808N/4213E 3752N/4240E 3721N/4313E 3645N/4333E 3617N/4348E 3549N/4402E 3517N/4419E 3430N/4440E 3343N/4503E 3318N/4515E 3254N/4527E 3238N/4535E DENKI ILMAP 3050N/4730E SIDAD DESLU NANPI ALNIN IMDAT DURSI 2705N/5215E 2634N/5308E 2616N/5339E ORSAR 2555N/5417E PEBAT DESDI 2534N/5456E 2519N/5524E 2517N/5528E 2514N/5532E 2512N/5537E 2510N/5541E 2508N/5544E 2506N/5548E 2503N/5552E 2460N/5549E 2502N/5546E 2504N/5542E 2506N/5538E OMDB

Flight time:

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KCVG to OBBI. Atlas 747 or Southern Air 777. This is a RWA route by DHL. The flight is normally 12.5-13 hours.

BTW, Daniel is going to have like 50+ so be prepared. 😂

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Ones I have done:

I know there’s is more but I can’t remember them all

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This might help:


I won’t begin to count how many topics there are covering a vast amount of different route suggestions. But I’m pretty sure we’re well above 100+ topics.

A quick search would probably throw a lot of suggestions at you :)