11SEP21 / West Coast-2200Z- 9/11 Flight Memorial @KJFK-KLAX

Infinite Flight Aviation Alliance

Let’s fly the most popular route in America together! The estimated flight time is 5h 30m!
With almost 3m passengers each year flying this route, it makes it one of the most popular routes in all of America!

Aircraft - 757-200
Livery - American Airlines
Route - KJFK-LAX
Date and Time - September 11, 2021 3:00 PM
Server - Training Server, KJFK airport

Spawn Point - Terminal 8
ATC list
Los Angeles Center: @RyMan
Los Angeles Approach @shayaanahmed247
Los Angeles Tower @RyMan
Los Angeles Ground @shayaanahmed247
New York Center : @RyMan
Any Other Center Necessary @RyMan
1 - @AlaskaAirlines89
3 - @RyMan
4 - @Ethan_Brown
5 - @SWA1997
6 - @Jay_Jay_King
7 - @patrak
8/10 - @N908QD
12 - @Hobbes778
14 - @AviatiorMikey
16 - no one
31E - No one
31D - No one
31C - No one
31B - No one
31A - No one
32F - No one
32G - No one
32H - No one
32I - No one
33 - No one
34 - No one
35 - @Flyboy_T
36 - No one
37 - No one
38 - No one
39 - No one
40 - @infinteflightfan5368
41 - @LimaWhiskey
42 - No one
43 - @sammy0909
44 - @N516GO
45 - No one
46 - No one
47 - No one



  • Spawn at least 15 minutes prior to departure
  • Follow all ATC rules
  • You are allowed to take photos/videos/screenshots etc.
  • If you need to leave in the middle of flight please do so
  • If you have any questions please ask in this thread
  • Have fun!

See you there!

This is no way affiliated with American Airlines VA

creds to @Hyperavation for helping me !



Good looking event! Make sure that you take a read of the topic linked below and be sure to format your title correctly as per the guidelines.

If you need any help, feel free to send me a PM and I’ll be happy to assist.

Take care mate!

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I’d love to be apart of this! Count me in.

What gate would you like to be?

I’ll take gate 41

Noted, what callsign will you be using?

aw sick! let’s go! we’ll get you in

Add them to the post under gate 41.

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time into AEST please!

Atlantic Standard Time - 6pm, September 11th



Oh sorry, i cant join. i wish it was the week after because its the last week of term 3 before spring break here and i have to study for 3 final exams.

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5:00AM for you lol

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Maybe the host will host more Events in the future so be sure to stay tuned!


yes ofc i will!

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i will keep a look out!


For All Those We Have Lost In a Tragic Moment In History 20 Years Ago of 9/11 I would Love To Be apart of this! Terminal B Gate 3 Pls And Thank You Ever So Much! 🙏

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Sorry, we’re only using Terminal 8 so all the participants are in the same area. Also yes, it was a very tragic moment, many loved ones lost their lives.

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Roger Ok Terminal 8 I will Take Any Gate Available :)!


How does gate 3 sound?