11SEP21 / 2200Z - Tribute to 9/11 @ KBOS - KJFK


Tribute to 9/11


This Group Fast Flight has the objective of honoring, in some way, those who suffered damages with the 9/11 attack in some places in the United States. Furthermore, this is the reason why Infinite Flight Brasil (IFBR) is supporting this event. For those who do not know, the IFBR is an organization that emerged as the first and is the largest Brazilian community for simulation in Infinite Flight.


Route: KBOS to KJFK

Aircraft and Livery: A320-200 (JetBlue)

Flight Time: 0h45mn

Pushback Time: 2021-09-11T22:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server


Cruise Altitude: FL200 (20.000ft)

Fuel: 6.044 kg (2h20mn)

Climb Profile: 250kts below FL100 / 280 above FL100

Descent Profile: 280kts above FL100 / 250kts below FL100

Note: Additional information will be sent minutes before the start of the flight


Gate Pilot
Term. C Gate 33 @Joao_Christ
Term. C Gate 31 @gamer_vlogs
Term. C Gate 29 @Neto_Campelo
Term. C Gate 32 @
Term. C Gate 34 @
Term. C Gate 36 @
Term. C Gate 28 @
Term. C Gate 26 @

Note: More gates will be listed if demand is greater than that


• Simulate with quality and always be aware of the aircraft around you to avoid conflicts.

• Any conflict that is created during the flight will not be my or IFBR’s responsibility. Each pilot with his aircraft and responsibility.

• If ATC frequencies are active at the time of the flight, follow the controller’s instructions with care and discipline, or you may be reported.


It will be a pleasure to have you with us in this honor. We wait for you there!


Thanks for doing this, see you in a bit!

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Thank you for the support my friend. See you there!

I am Shamrock 2 heavy over boston right now
I see you guys, some landed, others on final
will be touching down in 20 mins

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Good. See you there!

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Im coming in from dublin right now

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I’m can see you!

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whats ur tag

My callsing is “YA-HOO”

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ok i see you also

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