11SEP21 / 0615Z Short flight: Aussie special @ YBBN - YPAD


  • Aircraft and Livery: Qantas 737-800

  • Route: Brisbane (YBBN) - Adelaide (YPAD)

  • Time of Departure: 0615Z

  • Server: Expert

  • **Additional Information:**So I thought today I would do a real world flight. Brisbane to Adelaide is a popular route flown in Australia with over 8 flights a day using a Variety of aircraft (Jetstar A320, Qantas 737 and A330, Virgin Australia 737) today I have chosen the Qantas 737 to do this flight.

Remember to follow any ACT that’s active at this time and be respectful of there instructions. Anybody that gets reported it’s not my fault. Feel free to copy my flight plan if you want. Only spawn at the Qantas terminal otherwise you will not be part of this group flight. Spawn 10-15 minutes before pushback and don’t pushback into any other aircraft. When we arrive at Adelaide be sure to remain at the gate till everyone has arrived

But also remember to have fun and I can’t wait to fly this route because I have flown it many times in real life. Also feel free to track this flight on flight radar24 as it is a live flight.

But other than that enjoy the flight and see you at the gate!!!


If you are participating in this event please spawn now at the Qantas terminal

I shall join

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If you want a cruising altitude I will be cruising at FL350

Great can’t wait

Please make sure to take off runway 19L or 19R and landing runway 05 please

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