11SEP2022/ 1800Z / Crossroads of the the West @KSLC | DEPARTED

Let’s get some more sign ups!! There are numerous flights to choose from.

Can I fly to cyyz

Of course, ill get you signed up

Green Valley Ranch, just southwest of DIA

?? What are you saying
Sorry I missed the message

Please can I have this flight

Of course, JFK is a great choice

Still looking for more events? How about you join the San Juan Fly - Out!!

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Please check out these amazing events hosted by the one and only @VVESM4N

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It’s all good! No prob

I will fly this route. Thanks!

Of course!! NorCal is a great choice

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Attention everyone… This event is from Sept 10 to Sept 11. If this is an inconvenience to anyone who has or wants to sign up, please message me privately.
Also, if for any reason this conflicts because of the date and is related to the events on this date, please don’t hesitate to let me know. We all understand!

Can I switch to this please?
C3) A.A - (Dallas DFW) A321

Of course, no problem

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Thank you!

Your welcome!! Gotta love the great city of Dallas Texas

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Please may I use the A321? Also you miss spelled Las Vegas

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Hmm 🤔. I’ve never heard of Los Vegas lol

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😂😂 y’all can laugh.all you want!! I totally didn’t realize that until this evening

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