11SEP2022/ 1800Z / Crossroads of the the West @KSLC | DEPARTED

I live there now. It’s a great place :)

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What part of Denver?

It truly is a beautiful city

Ill take gate B12 please

Of course, great choice

Im sorry i meant D12, my fault

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No problem, I’ll switch you right now

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St. George is a beautiful City! The city where I was born, thanks for choosing it

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It sure is! I hope i can get to go back there sometime soon

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Everywhere there is so pretty! The red sand, the wildlife, plants and especially Zion national park

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I’ll take this gate please!

No problem!! Enjoy Sin City

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Are there any routes available to KLAX. I was going to do SLC to LAX…

Yes there is, A.AEagle

I will actually take A24 SLC to SAN on Delta A223

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Okay no problem
Would you like to do your requested flight and appr?

Just the requested flight! Thanks for holding the event!


Of course!! Thanks for joining

C3) A.A - (Dallas DFW) A321
Can I have this one please

Your all signed up