11SEP20 / ALL DAY - 19 Years Later | 9/11 Memorial Flight @ KBWI

Never Forget Graphic - Author Unknown

Just 19 years ago, some of us were alive; others yet to be born. 19 years ago, the world stopped turning; the world changed. 2 planes hit the North and South Tower of the World Trade Center Buildings in New York, 1 plane hit the Pentagon in Virginia and 1 plane was heading for Washington, D.C.

The United States of America Was Under Attack

Throughout that day horrible and amazing things happened! Firefighters from all over came into New York City and Virginia to try to rescue people out of the 2 trade center buildings and the rescue efforts at the Pentagon. As well as the amazing feat of the passengers that took over the hijacked flight over Pennsylvania before it could kill even more innocent civilians. Then at 9:59, the South Tower collapsed, followed by the North Tower.

2996 people died that morning and over 6000 were wounded. Not to mention the 10,000,000+ people who were affected in some way by this act of terrorism

In this event, it is my small gesture to honor the lives lost on this day 19 years ago. It is a small gesture but it is a gesture that I have done for the past 3 years on this community. I was not alive for this day. I hopefully will never have to experience another day like that first hand. But my parents were alive and they passed along the stories and history down to me. We will Never Forget!

Event Details

Server - Expert Server

Aircraft - Any American based aircraft [A320/B737 Family]

Departure & Arrival Airport - Baltimore International Airport [KBWI]

Departure Time - All Day [MAIN WAVE LEAVES @ 1700Z] - Friday, September 11, 2020 5:00 PM

Flight Time - ~6 Hours

Please Note: Any acts of reenactment or any callsigns with hate will not be tolerated and further action may be taken against such acts

Cruising Altitude - 14,000 ft
Cruising Speed - 200-270+ (will need to be adjusted during the flight to hit certain waypoints)

Flightplan -
KBWI 3932N/7617W 3929N/7541W
4052N/7416W 4111N/7405W 4135N/7404W
4151N/7411W 4203N/7423W 4214N/7440W
4220N/7459W 4222N/7514W 4158N/7515W
4155N/7459W 4148N/7446W 4139N/7438W
4130N/7434W 4118N/7434W 4110N/7437W
4100N/7447W 4053N/7458W 4050N/7513W
4050N/7529W 4055N/7542W 4101N/7553W
4112N/7602W 4124N/7605W 4135N/7603W
4144N/7556W 4151N/7547W 4156N/7535W
4158N/7516W 4222N/7514W 4221N/7529W
4217N/7547W 4211N/7603W 4200N/7619W
4152N/7626W 4141N/7632W 4130N/7635W
4112N/7634W 4056N/7626W 4048N/7619W
4035N/7559W 4031N/7548W 4028N/7538W
4026N/7527W 4026N/7521W 3932N/7617W
3925N/7423W 3948N/7420W 3949N/7450W
3927N/7453W 3922N/7322W 4214N/7304W
4214N/7317W 4238N/7316W 4238N/7317W
4214N/7320W 4216N/7334W 3923N/7352W
3917N/7220W 4210N/7203W 4211N/7233W
3920N/7251W 3926N/7446W 3932N/7617W KBWI

Flightplan Made By: @DeerCrusher

LiveFlight Picture By: @Anshul28

Spawn In Slots For @ 1700Z

Gate Pilot Callsign Aircraft
Air Cargo Stand F1 @Balloonchaser Balloonchaser A320
Air Cargo Stand F2 @Infinite_Josh B737
Air Cargo Stand F3 @CPT_HILD A320
Air Cargo Stand F4 @Andrew_Watson B738
Air Cargo Stand F5 @CaptainZac
Air Cargo Stand F8 @Pingu A320
Air Cargo Stand F9
Air Cargo Stand F10
Air Cargo Stand F11
Air Cargo Stand F12
Air Cargo Stand F14
Air Cargo Stand F15
Air Cargo Stand F16
Air Cargo Stand F17

Additional Attendees

Please keep the upmost respect and I hope to see you there. This event is not affiliated with any Virtual Airline or Virtual Organization to keep the sole focus on the tragedy that occurred. VA’s/VO’s are welcomed to join though.



Sign me up, 737

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I’ll take a gate in an A320

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Ahh I wish I could come, but the time is slightly off for me, is it ok if I use your fpl for a flight later in the day?

Anyone may use this flightplan throughout the course of the day


Lol I can’t read…

I can’t believe it’s almost been 2 decades. Anyway thanks! Hope to see everyone


Sign me up! I’ll take a 737 American Airlines.

God Bless America! 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️🤍💙

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Please sign me up! I may be a few minutes late, but I’ll try my hardest to get there! And also, do you know how long the flights going to take?



Ok… I can’t guarantee I’ll be there for the whole fight, but I’ll try.

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Wow. Next year’s memorials will be insane though to mark 20 years!

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Sign me up

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Slight typo there

Great event mate! 9.11 will never be forgotten.

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Im gonna land at KBWI when I get back from TNCC. So it’s gonna be a a time crunch. But yea add me. I’m not gonna park in that specific spot but I’ll be there. But I’m gonna do it later in the day, so I don’t sleep during them 6 hours


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Roger. Will be adding more gates leading up to the main event time. Everyone is welcomed to fly this FPL at their own leisure throughout the course of today to honor the victims of 9/11

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Yeah I’ll just let you park where it suits you best. :)

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I’ll take a gate!

I’ll use the B737

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@Balloonchaser I would like to fly the A320

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I can’t attend. Sorry

Hey, what time is the event at? It says 1600Z, What’s the time calculator says 1 o’clock, what time is it at?