11OCT21 / 2100Z - Twitch Stream! Airbus 330 Generic livery Cargo Run @ VABB to VNKT

Hey guys if you want you can join my flight from VABB - VNKT with the Airbus 330 Generic Iivery. I will be live streaming it on my twitch channel. My Twitch channel is Twitch the more people flying the more better it is.

Takeoff time: 2:00pmPST 5:00pmEST
Server: Expert
Aircraft: Airbus 330-300 (Generic Livery)
From: Mumbai (VABB)
To: Kathmandu (VNKT)
Flight Time: 1 hr 30 min

NOTAM: Make sure you have no passengers onboard the aircraft

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Apologies #screenshots-and-videos, thanks :)

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