11OCT20 / 2300Z - The Pacific Jump @ RCTP - CYVR

Hey change it back to #live:groupflights

No you don’t 😃

He needs to be TL2

Hemm I posted more times and they never said me that

No he doesn’t only for #live:events

@TylerShah About The GroupFlights Category

Yea pm where it says it.

Look at the bottom :)

There says events

That is for full events with gates. This is good there are no assignments of gates

It said events are still reserved for TL2

That is my mistake :)


And, to be able to select events you must be TL2. If you are not you wont see the option

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@IF-Mallorca Just make sure its in the GroupFlights Category please :)

I switched it to #live:groupflights for you! Enjoy your flight!

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And, I noticed you have 2 #live:groupflights topics on the same day at the same time!

11OCT20 / 2300Z - Air Canada Pacific Jump @ ZBAA - CYVR

I flagged it to be deleted

I would join if it was a different day and pushed back later at night. Will be doing a flight tonight

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I was gonna say lol. You must be a multitasker haha

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Well, for me I will take off at 1 am

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