11OCT20 / 1700Z The Great Walmart Flyout @ KXNA [COMPLETED]

I forgot to ask. Would you like to come?

I cant as I already have my event this day and will be busy at other times, sorry 🤷‍♂️


i would like to fly out to KDEN with the Frontier A320

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you are signed up!

Thanks, Hopefully we can get some more people for the event!

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I changed the date so more people will be able to make it

Ok, Sounds like it should work.

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I’m obligated to take this gate.

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The fly in or out

Um… I’m not the event host lol 😂
(You tagged my post, its fine though)

oh hahaha lol oops nervous laughter


Flyout. I’m trash with the CRJ on takeoff but can put it down like a God in the right conditions

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That is a E175 now

dang well alright i’ll still take it.

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I can change it if you want

let’s get some more sigups!!!

Only 1 week and 2 days until the event!


@DeltaFox @thenewpilot please recheck you positions because I have added gates.

where do I go to see the gates

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