11OCT20 / 1500Z - Visiting the Green City in the Sun - @HKJK

Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Fly-Out


Hello everyone, welcome again to another but different fly-out of mine as this one is actually not in Europe as I usually always make events there.

Nairobi is popularly referred to or known as the ‘Green City in the Sun’ because the city is built on an interesting mix of rainforest and savannah grasslands sloping southwards with several rivers running through. The built environment may now have covered up most of the original vegetation of the city, but the valleys and hills can still be seen.
It is also one of Africa’s most modern cities and it is the most favourable business hub in East Africa.

Anyway, recently the Kenya Airways 737-800 livery got added and Africa became my favourite continent to fly in after Europe so I decided why not share it with the community!

In the Terminal you’ll find mostly long hauls to Europe, Asia and even one flight to New York is up for grabs!
Whereas the Remote Stands all consist of Kenya Airways 737 flights.

About JKIA:

About Nairobi:



  • Spawn into your assigned gate with enough time to file your flight plan, configure your aircraft etc. etc. (15-20 minutes recommended)

  • I strongly encourage using FPLtoIF or simbrief to file your flight plan for maximum realism.

  • I have listed the flight numbers for every route so I encourage everyone to use them as your callsign unless you’re doing a VA flight, then you may use your VA callsign of course.

  • If IFATC is controlling this airport, please follow its instructions given. When using unicom, use it correctly, maintain professionalism and respect other pilots!

I will not be responsible for any violations received during this event.

Event Details

Server: Expert

Airport: 🇰🇪 HKJK - Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪

Time: 2020-10-11T15:00:00Z

HKJK Airport Charts


Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight No. Pilot
Gate 2A Accra - DGAA Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA508
Gate 2B Entebbe - HUEN Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA420 @Charlieab29
Gate 2C Douala - FKKD Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA522
Gate 3A Bamako - GABS Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA512
Gate 3B Lagos - DNMM Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA204
Gate 3C Abidjan - DIAP Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA520
Gate 4 Amsterdam - EHAM KLM Boeing 787-10 KLM566
Gate 5 Bangkok - VTBS Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 KQA886
Gate 6 Guangzhou - ZGGG Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 KQA2882 @KQA03
Gate 7 Paris - LFPG Air France Boeing 777-300ER AFR815
Gate 8 London Heathrow - EGLL British Airways Boeing 777-200ER BAW64
Gate 9 Frankfurt - EDDF Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 DLH591
Gate 10 Doha - OTHH Qatar Airways Boeing 787-8 QTR1336
Gate 11 Geneva - LSGG Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 KQA128 @WhitakerGitonga
Gate 12 Sharjah - OMSJ Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 KQA2318
Gate 13 Johannesburg - FAOR Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 KQA760
Gate 14 New York - KJFK Kenya Airways Boeing 787-8 KQA2 @DanG387
Gate 15 Cairo - HECA Egyptair Boeing 737-800 MSR841
Gate 16 Jeddah - OEJN Saudia Airbus A319 SVA430
Gate 17 Changsha - ZGHA China Southern Boeing 787-8 CSN6044
Gate 18 Addis Ababa - HAAB Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A350-900 ETH319
Gate 19 Dubai - OMDB Emirates Boeing 777-300ER UAE720
Gate 20 Cape Town - FACT Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA784
Gate 21 Mumbai - VABB Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA204
Remote Stands
Remote Stand Destination Airline Aircraft Flight No. Pilot
Remote H1 Maputo - FQMA Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA2740
Remote H2 Lubumbashi - FZQA Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA580
Remote H3 Kinshasa - FZAA Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA554
Remote H4 Luanda - FNLU Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA774
Remote H5 Khartoum - HSSS Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA348
Remote H6 Moroni - FMCH Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA264
Remote H7 Juba - HSSJ Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA352
Remote H8 Brazzaville - FCBB Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA552
Remote H9 Djibouti - HDAM Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA458
Remote H10 Livingstone - FLHN Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA782
Remote J1 Port Louis - FIMP Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA270
Remote J2 Lusaka - FLKK Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA706
Remote J3 Antananarivo - FMMI Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA256
Remote J4 Dzaoudzi - FMCZ Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA254 @Alexian61
Remote J5 Lilongwe - FWKI Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA756
Remote J6 Blantyre - FWCL Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA750
Remote J7 Mombasa - HKMO Kenya Airways Boeing 737-800 KQA600

This one please

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Can anyone join this event?

Yes of course ;)

Wow Thanks for your information 😉

Can I have this? There are a lot of lovely destinations out there 😍

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New Signups

@DanG387 to New York - KJFK 🇺🇸

@Charlieab29 to Entebbe - HUEN 🇺🇬

@Alexian61 to Dzaoudzi - FMCZ 🇾🇹

Thanks for coming g’s ❤️


How do I pick a spot…I want the one going to Geneva

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New Signup

@WhitakerGitonga to Geneva - LSGG 🇨🇭

You don’t need to do anything, I just reserved the gate to Geneva for you! Enjoy!

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Hi sign me up for ZGGG…Gate 6. I missed out on NYC 😂 but I can’t miss this event. By the way, many many thanks @Igor_M for the brilliant detailed information on Kenya{my motherland}, Nairobi and HKJK…


New Signup

@KQA03 to Guangzhou - ZGGG 🇨🇳

Sorry for replying so late, it was my pleasure making this fly-out as I personally love flying in Africa, especially Kenya since we got the Kenya Airways livery! Enjoy!

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