11NOV22 | Hopefully the Largest Flyby in Infinite Flight History

I am definitely down for an event like this >:)

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Let’s get some more signups!!

Can I join please?

Yes you can!

I will take part !

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@Butter575 you have checked the ‘I am going’ category but I don’t have you down for this event. Would you like to participate?

may i have 10th?

Yes you can!

This event is in three days. Would anybody else like to participate??

Sounds fun to me! I just put some hours in the F-18 today so I can handle the aircraft fairly well. Count me in this one!

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thanks so much!!

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This event is in 1 day. Would anyone else like to participate?

@ThatDudeFliesYT @Butter575 @Yukiros_31 @Endurable would any of you like to join this event?

Finally I want to join the formation flight. Please count me in

Probably. I might not because it’s too early

Amazing Butter

I’m confused does this start at 7pm or 8pm

what is your time zone @AviatorEgcc

It’s too early for me unfortunately but hopefully it turns out well

You can sign me up