11NOV22 | Hopefully the Largest Flyby in Infinite Flight History

Credit: theonlyty

The picture above is the largest flyby in NFL history, where 49 light aircraft overflew Arrowhead stadium for an NFL game. The purpose of this event is to arrange an HUGE and when I say huge I mean HUGE flyby over New York City for Veterans Day with F/A-18s.

Event Organization MUST READ

  • I know this event sounds ambitious, but I think it is possible with the support of everyone in the IFC (hopefully IF staff will join)
  • Everyone participating in this event will depart from NAS Oceana (KNTU) and we will fly north towards NY State
  • Once we get close to NYC we will enter a trail formation via a holding pattern

  • We will then exit the holding pattern and overfly NYC at 400KIAS

I will be making a flight plan for this event soon so STAY TUNED!


If you would like to join with your F/A-18, please just let me know! Please be aware that I would like this to be as professional as possible and trolls or people who sign up and misbehave will not be tolerated.

Event Details


Server: Expert
Location: KNTU - NAS Oceana and NYC
Aircraft: F/A-18
Livery: VFA-87 Golden Warriors
NOTAMS: If proper etiquette is shown, and the flight plan is flown correctly, you will not crash and no violations will be issued.
I am not responsible for any violations received during the event.


Event is now open! Let’s get some signups!

Sign me up coach


I will if you promise not to miss an event again…just kidding you’re signed up

Sign me up!

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Signed up!

I’ll join!

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Added! (10)

The goal of this event is to get to 50 people in the formation. Or more!!!

Does anyone else want to join this flyby?

May I join also should this be on casual

Yes you can join.

It does not have to be on casual, and also I don’t want it to be because the possibility of trolls is much higher.

Proof it doesn’t have to be on casual: Look at what server this event was on

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May I join?

Yes you may! You’ve been added.

Let’s get some more signups!

Any @staff or @moderators want to join?

Don’t get me wrong but I think the Kansas City chiefs is arrow head stadium 🏟️
Edit: arrow head stadium is in Kansas City Missouri

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Yes it is. They flew over the Kansas City Chiefs’ game a few years back.

You said NYC but chiefs kingdom forever

Oh the flyby happened in Kansas City, but the IF flyby will happen in NYC. The 49 plane flyby was just an example of what I hope this flyby will be.

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This event is in 9 days. Does anyone else want to join this flyby?