11MAR23 / 1900Z - The National Flyout @KDCA

Hello Washington, DC!
As a nice little treat for those attending ‘The Great Warsaw Flyout’ on March 18, I’m hosting a second flyout a week before.

Welcome to Washington, DC, the heart of America. Though it is a small city, DC is always bustling with government officials among the average Joe (Not a reference to Pres. Biden). With the airport averaging 20-23 million passengers yearly, there’s always room for a flyout! Come join me for this event, and fly to one of DCA’s many destinations on a chilly day!

Server: Training Server

Airport: Ronald Regan National Airport / KDCA

Airport Opens: 1830Z / 1:30PM Local Time
Airport Closes: 2200Z / 5:00PM Local Time

***Airport will open/close at the times shown. The event starts at 1900Z, airport opens half hour earlier for pilots to prepare for the flight.

Gate Reservations & ATC Reservations

Main Terminal
Gate 15:
Gate 16:
Gate 17: @Kody_Scheier
Gate 18: @Joel_Albert - PSA 5239/PHL
Gate 19: @United403 - SWA 2759/PWM
Gate 20:
Gate 21: @FlyingWithPilot1 - N/A / ORD
Gate 22:

Air Traffic Control Reservations
Ground: @Ken_wei
Tower: @Ken_wei

If anyone has any questions about anything listed here, please comment it in the thread.

This will be my first hosted flyout, if anyone who has done this a lot before has suggestions, please, please, please let me know.

Ground/tower for me

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Gotcha. Adding you now.

Any more gates coming out???

Depending on the amount of people who sign up by the 10th.

I’m taking Gate 17.

Gate 18 please thank youu

@Joel_Albert I’ll add you. Please let me know where you intend to fly.

Please and thank you

Gotcha man! @United403 what route you intend on flying?

Probably a Southwest B737-700 to Portland Maine KPWM

Adding that.

@United403 there isnt a departure from DCA to PWM. Were you going for realism? If so, you probably confused it with SWA2142 / SWA1278 / SWA2595 from BWI to PWM.

If you weren’t please provide me with a flight number (i.e. 2818, 2314, 414, etc.)

Actually there is, lemme grab it for you rq

@EnthusiasticAviation I havent found one on FR24 or FlightAware.

Yeah, however, as someone who lives mere miles from dca, I’ve seen a B38M for SWA fly to portland. It took off from RW1

Ok. If you can find a flight number let me know and Ill add it.

No flight number, but here’s proof

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Ok. @United403 just drop me a flight no of ur choice.

I’ll be going to KNTU

Isn’t that an airbase?