11MAR21 / 0230Z Windy Bergen @ ENBR [Closed]

Attention Adventurous Pilots

Bergen, Norway is experiencing extremely strong winds at low level, which Infinite Flight has seen a mild glitch with. While the winds at 67G83 at 1,200ft, IF has that at the surface. So come along at your own risk as IFATC Specialist and IFAET’s one and only @Ryan and IFATC Supervisor @AviationReports control the windy airport (Expert Server).


Bergen is the second largest city in Norway, well-known for the colorful houses and lovely scenery.

More Information about the airport can be found on this wikipedia article.

Come on by and let’s see those landings!

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I read the METAR of this airport yesterday and was surprised to see gust at 70kt
Never seen such heavy winds like this

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Closing in 10

Closed! Thanks for all who came!

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