11MAR2023 | Quebec City Flyout | CYQB

lets get some more singups!

Gate 27 Punta Cana(MDPC) Air Transat A321
Can I get his gate

yes you can

Can I change to this

no problem

Event Bump!

@NathanPreuss @AmericanB772 @AviationAlpha @UALPilot @Ryan_Carney @flyin_hawaiian @United403 @Growler08 @Butter575

Hello! Please start spawning in in about 5-10 mins please.

Ok, roger that.

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Sorry but I can’t come.

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Is it issues with that KLAX flight or something?

@NathanPreuss @AviationAlpha @UALPilot @Ryan_Carney @flyin_hawaiian @United403 @Growler08 @Butter575

Please start spawning in now

I’mma use the dash-8 seeing that dash-8 also fly there, if not, a319

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I’m landing somewhere else so I’ll be on shortly

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I don’t even see your name on a gate

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I’mma take this but with a dash-8

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@Butter575 do you have a preference on which runway you want to use?

@NathanPreuss @AviationAlpha @UALPilot @Ryan_Carney @flyin_hawaiian @United403 @Growler08

Guys come on, you signed up to the event, please spawn in.

I’m doing my event

I didn’t know another event was going on. I might actually just delay this one then

@Ken_wei @Butter575

I think thats what I’ll do, the event time will change. You guys can stay here if you want. Up to you.