11JUNE23 / 1900Z - The Austin Flyout - Hosted by TXVA

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This event is sponsered by Texas Virtual Airways or TXVA for short. This event is for everyone to join. Event will be held on Expert Server. No gate assignmets for this event, just spawn in at an available gate on the day of the fly out.

If your an IFATC Controller and would like to be a controller for this event, please let us know and we will add you to the list below.

Frequency Controller
KAUS Ground
KAUS Tower
KAUS Departure
Houston Center

Below are some suggested routes, all routes listed below are in the TXVA Route Network. These routes below are just suggestions, feel free to fly where ever you wish for this event.

Short Haul Routes
Destination Flight Time Recommended Aircraft
KDFW ~ 40 Minutes B737 Family / Airbus A320 Family
KHOU ~ 30 Munutes B737 Family / Airbus A320 Family
KELP ~ 1 Hour E-Jet Family / Airbus A220

Medium Haul Routes
Destination Flight Time Recommended Aircraft
KJFK ~ 3 Hours B737 Family / Airbus A320 Family
KLAX ~ 3 Hours B737 Family / Airbus A320 Family
KATL ~ 2 Hours B737 Family / Airbus A320 Family

Long Haul Routes
Destination Flight Time Recommended Aircraft
PHNL ~ 8 Hours A330 Family / B787 Family
EGLL ~ 10 Hours B777 Family / A350
EDDF ~ 11 Hours A330 Family / B787 Family

Austin, Texas is the capital city for the great state of Texas. KAUS/AUS is the main aiport serving the greater Austin area. Since the airport opening in 1999, KAUS has seen many improvments and devolpments. 2022 was the busiest year for KAUS, over 21 million passengers were served. KAUS has 2 parallel runways 18R/36L and 18L/36R. Both runways are used for aepartures and arrivals

More info about KAUS

For more information regaurding KAUS, visit this wikipedia page about the airport: > Austin–Bergstrom International Airport - Wikipedia

Airport Map

Here is a map of KAUS.
Screenshot 2023-05-09 5.17.26 PM

Please follow all ATC instructions, failure to do so may result in a violation issued by an IFATC controller

We are not responsible for violations issued by IFATC controllers

If no ATC is present during this event, please use the Unicom frequency appropriately

There are no gate assignments for this event. And no we won't reserve a gate for you. KAUS has plenty of gates for people to spawn at.

Happy Flights and Smooth Landing from the TXVA team.


First event on IFC for TXVA!

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Can’t wait for this

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Certainly won’t miss this

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Just a little event bump

Im coming!

Awesome! We will see you there!

Count me in, boss.
I might also try to fly in a little before the event starts.

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Awesome! See you at the event!

Oh wait sorry never mind, I read it wrong, I thought it said July, I think my brain isn’t working rn lol!

Event bump.

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3 days until the event!

The Flyout is tomorrow!

Event is today!!


Event starts in 30 minutes!


We have ATC!


Thanks to all the pilots who attended this event, the TXVA team highly appreciated your participation in our events. A special thanks to our Air Traffic Controller @MineGaming! If you could join this event, we will be hosting more IFC events in the future! We hope to see you at our next event!

From the entire TXVA team, thanks for joining us in our first IFC event!


Thank you 😊❤️❤️

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