11JUL23: The Split Croatia Flyout DEPARTED

Hello IFC! I’m back at it with another amazing event, and this time I’m hosting it in my absolute favorite European city Split Croatia! Located on the east shores of the Adriatic Sea and in the heart of the Marjan Peninsula! Join me on July 11th for this Stunning Croatian Flyout!!

Event Info
Airport: Split Airport LDSP
Server: Training Server
Time: 10am mst, 1600Z
Date: July 11th 2023


Wave 1 1600z → 1620z

Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
1 Aer Lingus Dublin A320 @Ben_Walsh
2B Air Baltic Riga BCS3 @United403
2 British Airways London H. A320 @TheGynSpotter
3 Condor Dusseldorf A320 @FutureUnited
4 Croatia Milan A319 @Wonderousbuilder641
5 Transavia Paris Orly B738 @787_Dream
6 Easy Bristol A319 @HunterCallahan87
7 Wizz Rome A321 @Mason_Lennox
8 Jet2 Birmingham B757 @UALPilot
9 Jet2 Birmingham B757 @safiyurrahman1
10 KLM Amsterdam B738
11 Iberia Madrid CRJX
12 Edelweiss Zurich A320 @Senol_Tastan
14 SAS Stockholm A320 @Ryan_Carney
15 Iberia Madrid Crj1X @Captain_Lolz
16 Jet2 Manchester B757 @JakesAviationYT


Frequency User
Tower @Butter575
Approach @MANDELA
Departure @MANDELA


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun

I’ll take these

Ah, dang it! I wish I could come, but I’ll be in Aspen then.

@Butter575 Thanks for helping with ATC
@Mort hope to see you at the next event

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I’ll take this

@PhorzaSky Amazing choice

@Butter575 i just realized Split dosent have a ground frequency.

That’s fine, I will manage

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This one please

@UALPilot roger that

mine mine mine

@poncho41 yours yours yours

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Can I have this please?

Can I have the Bristol one but with jet2 going to london stansted

Could I have this but with an A319?

@MANDELA @Ben_Walsh @Wonderousbuilder641
You all have been added

I’ll take this one please!

@HunterCallahan87 amazing choice!

I’ll take this

@Alaska_Airlines09 Roger that! Welcome to the community

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