11JUL21 / 1600Z - IFVARB Summit Main Event Information Thread (Gates, Procedures, and More!)

Ill be taking some epic screenshots.

If it’s okay I’ll switch over to a 787 as the route I planned doesn’t exist with a 777

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@mwe2187 Sir, @mitchjansen2005 and @Cloud_Surfer are some last minute sign ups. @airball_15 has duplicate gates (569 and 559). One could be assigned to either of these guys, and we will need another gate

The following users have been assigned gates:

User Wave Terminal Gate
@shahhrasull 2 South Remote TBA
@cloud-surfer 2 Terminal 1 T13
@maxime_jarjoura 1 Terminal 4S 559
@zuberoberoi 1 Terminal 1 T7
@mitchjansen2005 1 Terminal 1 T11
@Khai_BorneoX 2 Terminal 4S 581
@davide_av 2 South Remote 53
@Juiceinaglass 2 South Remote 59

@Mr_Young assigned Wave 2, Cargo Ramp/Remote, Stand 41

The “official” event begins in about 30 minutes, but ATC is beginning to open. Your departure gate is just under an hour at 16:16

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IFAE GAF Inbound!

The Global Airforces unit is about to kick the 2021 IFVARB Summit off! They are approaching from the north east and will performing a low pass/maneuver over the airport in just a few minutes!

Spectator Gates added

Information about spectator gates has now been added! It is available just under Wave 2 information. Spectator gates can be used throughout the entirety to watch the show!


Hey, I may be wrong but I’m sure I saw a suggested route to EGLL earlier, but it’s not there now, was it removed?

We did not assign any routes to or from LEMD, so you are free to fly to a destination of choosing.

Oops sorry, poor wording, I mean FPL

haha right behind GAF

The timing for everything is honestly spectacular

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seriously on point

I am so sorry for the last-minute notice, but I had something come up so I have to be out of town and am leaving shortly so I won’t be able to join. Can you remove me from the list?

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got an airshow right in front of me arriving :)

The formation flying of that last group of jets was extraordinarily precise

Amazing flyover from GAF!

Special thanks from @David_Beckett and the team for a tremendous opening to the summit! That looked even better than I imagined!

The team will be performing an elephant walk at LEGT in approximately 30 minutes if there are spectators wanting to check out the action!


Casually waiting for Pushback at my gate for 21 minutes more


North Ground and Ramp now correct!

The frequency issue has been fixed. you are now clear to contact as normal

was a good flyover.