11JUL21 / 1600Z - IFVARB Summit Main Event Information Thread (Gates, Procedures, and More!)

Could u plz sign me up for stand 51 saudia b787-9 to jeddah

Or any availability at gates

The following users have been assigned gates:

User VA Wave Gate
@captainkyler SWVA 2 South Ramp 163
@dhruvchopra AFKLM 1 North Ramp 377
@Bhuvanbruh DLVA 2 Cargo 165
@thomasthepro IFAE 2 South Remote 43
@Havoc Aer Lingus VA 2 South Remote 41
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Hello @HUMVEE,

Please sign up via the summit sign up page :)

can’t wait for this event

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Question Where would gate 344 be at LEMD

@mwe2187 flying in from Tunis DTTA, then out to HAAB, BLUE is IN, RED is OUT, does the picture below look correct? I’m ETVA on Apron 03 Iberia Maintenance

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Yes, this looks perfect! It’s not the best way to do it (to have everyone on a single taxiway both ways), but we are hoping with the Iberia Maintenance side being only one wave, that it doesnt equate to many issues or delays.

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Did you look at the Terminal that you are signed at for that gate? (i send people to this info specifically as it’ll help you make sure you can find the routing info)

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it says Gate 344 and idk see where that is does it mean terminal 3 Gate 44 at LEMD

Have you looked for your name on the gate assignments to find it?

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Yup it said Gate 344

And did you look to see what terminal that is listed under

Oops I didnt see that part Sorry for disturbing you

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Not a problem at all! As mentioned, the biggest reason I don’t want to just directly answer, is that that area has a lot of the info you need to get going to have the correct procedures! and i need people to be able to find that info

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Ah ok Thanks and I understand since this is such a big event

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with the degree of scheduling and planning you guys have put into this event I’m sure this will work just as you’ve prescribed it🤓 stoked to fly in and out of such a great event amongst my ETVA pilot colleagues, thank you for your hard work @mwe2187 as well as your crew helping out organize everything/one, and IFVARB for hosting a great event.


This is going to be awesome as it is every year !! cant wait

Since there’s no one assigned for this gate at the moment. Can I arrive at this gate please?

I’m flying from jfk to egll, Madrid, thanks. could you assign me a arrival door? because later I’m leaving for lebl thanks 🙏🏾