11JUL21 / 1600Z - IFVARB Summit Main Event Information Thread (Gates, Procedures, and More!)

i choosed the B789 not the B77W

In your sign up for the summit on the IFVARB site, you selected the B77W. I will make the change to the 789 if you would like.


yes sorry for that

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How do we sign up for this as a VaA? Thanks

Sign ups are available via the main summit thread

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Thank you @mwe2187

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All signups since posting last night have now been assigned gates. All new sign ups are placed in Wave 2.

I believe there might be a mistake, as I marked myself for the fly-in, not departure.

This has been updated. Thank you!

Can someone remove my fly out status for this event? I’m only intending to do the fly in. This is my mistake as I thought the sign up boxes for the fly in/out was also for the July 9th and 10th event too. Sorry for the inconvenience.

This has been updated!

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Procedures are posted!

I apologize in advance. They are complicated. LEMD is a hell hole. Good luck everyone

but seriously

Please review the procedures as we have made it as easy as possible for each individual. The key will be knowing where you are going to park at, and where you are taking off from. From there, we have specific routes for you to follow that are charted in the procedures.

My personal suggestion to help simplify it for you, is to take the arrival pieces for yourself, and the departure pieces, and pull them into a document of your own. This way you will not have to read through walls of text over and over.

VA Staff - please coordinate with your pilots the procedures. Many of you are grouped together, so you can cascade the information out to your heavy and medium/small pilot groups :)


Can I arrive at the airport even if I am not part of any VA/VO?
And also I am Not signed up.

The following users have been assigned gates:

Please review your assigned pushback time :)

Wave 1:

Gate IFC Username
Terminal 2- T22 @Kbeemer

Wave 2:
Cargo Aprons

Gate IFC Username
Apron 145 @thessaboy
Apron 147 @nmasterson
Apron 151 @Omar
Apron 153 @Ramzi_khairan
Apron 155 @captainnajeeb
Apron 157 @yash_raj1
Apron 161 @CaptainCallum
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Thanks mwe! Can’t wait for the event tomorrow.

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Mwe sir, Thanks and great work again.

Just had one question. @Susheel_Krishna and @airball_15 have received duplicate gates. If those aren’t required elsewhere, can we use it internally in the VA to deconflict or add other pilots? And if yes, do we have to notify here

Request this gate please.

I’ll delete the duplicates, have your VA members sign up via the summit sign up process

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Please sign up via the Summit Sign up page, and a gate will be assigned.

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Attention to the following users:

Duplicate Assignments Removed

@mayank_pawar (Wave 2 deleted), @kk.aviation (Wave 1 deleted), @hass.ik (Wave 1, Terminal 1 deleted), @ThatOneKiwi (1 spot at Terminal 1 deleted)

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