11JUL20 / 1700Z-0300Z - All Aussie Adventures - Massive Australian Flyout!

The biggest flyout in Infinite Flight’s history

10 airports, 133 destinations, over 430 gates, 54 airlines, all hosted by the Aussies.

Be a part of history


Airports: Sydney (YSSY), Melbourne (YMML), Brisbane (YBBN), Perth (YPPH), Adelaide (YPAD), Darwin (YPDN), Canberra (YSCB), Townsville (YBTL), Hobart (YMHB), Port Hedland (YPPD).

Airport information

Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

Sydney Airport is an international airport in Sydney, Australia located 8 km south of the Sydney city centre), in the suburb of Mascot. It is the primary airport serving Sydney, and is a primary hub for Qantass, as well as a secondary hub for Virgin Australia and Jetstar Airways, as well as a focus city for Air New Zealand. Situated next to Botany Bay, the airport has three runways, colloquially known as the east–west (07/25), north–south (16R/34L) and third (16L/34R) runways.

Melbourne Tullamarine International Airport

Melbourne Airport is the primary airport serving the city of Melbourne, and the second busiest airport in Australia It opened in 1970 to replace the nearby Essendon Airport. Melbourne Airport is the main international airport of the four airports serving Melbourne, the other international airport being Avalon Airport. The airport comprises four terminals: one international terminal, two domestic terminals, and one budget domestic terminal. Melbourne serves as a major hub for Qantas and Virgin Australia, while Jetstar and Tigerair utilize the airport as the home base.

Brisbane International Airport

Brisbane Airport is the primary international airport serving Brisbane and South East Queensland. The airport services 31 airlines flying to 50 domestic and 29 international destinations, in total amounting to more than 22.7 million passengers who traveled through the airport in 2016. Brisbane Airport is a major hub for both Virgin Australia and Qantas, and a secondary hub for Qantas’ low-cost subsidiary Jetstar.

Perth International Airport

Perth Airport is an international airport serving Perth, the largest and capital city of Western Australia. It is the fourth busiest airport in Australia measured by passenger movements and falls within the boundaries of the City of Belmont, the City of Kalamunda and the City of Swan. Perth Airport and Jandakot Airport, the other civilian airport within the Perth metropolitan area, recorded a combined total of 362,782 aircraft movements in 2017. In 2018, Qantas commenced the first non-stop flight from Oceania to Europe, servicing London’s Heathrow airport with its 787 Dreamliner.

Adelaide International Airport

Adelaide International Airport is the principal airport of Adelaide, South Australia, and the fifth-busiest airport in Australia), servicing 8.5 million passengers in the financial year ending 30 June 2019. Located adjacent to West Beach, it is approximately 6 km west of the city center.

Darwin International Airport

Darwin International Airport is the busiest airport serving the Northern Territory, and the tenth busiest airport in Australia. It is the only airport serving Darwin. The airport is located in Darwin’s northern suburbs, 8 km from Darwin city center, in the suburb of Eaton. It shares runways with the Royal Australian Air Force’s RAAF Base Darwin. Darwin Airport has an international terminal, a domestic terminal, and a cargo terminal. In 2011 the airport served 26,036 flights and 1,743,734 passengers

Canberra Airport

Canberra Airport is an international airport serving Australia’s capital city, Canberra, as well as the nearby city of Queanbeyan and regional areas of the Australian Capital Territory and southeastern New South Wales. Located approximately 8 km from the city center, within the North Canberra district, it is the eighth busiest airport in Australia.

Hobart Airport

Hobart Airport is an airport located in Cambridge, Tasmania, 17 km north-east of Hobart. It is the major passenger airport in Tasmania. The airport maintains a conjoined international and domestic terminal. The major airlines servicing the airport are Qantas, Jetstar Airways, Virgin Australia and Tigerair Australia operating domestic flights predominantly to Melbourne airport and Sydney airport. Although the airport has not had a regularly scheduled international passenger service since 1998 (to Christchurch), the airport maintains customs and immigration facilities for aircraft entering the country.

Townsville Airport

Townsville is a major Australian regional airport that services the city of Townsville, Queensland. Townsville Airport is serviced by major Australian domestic and regional airlines, and in 2011/12 handled 1.7 million passengers making it the 11th busiest airport in Australia. Townsville Airport is a common-use civilian and defence facility, sharing access with RAAF Base Townsville. It is used as a staging point for Australian Defence Force (ADF) operations within Australia and internationally

Port Hedland Airport

is an airport serving Port Hedland, Western Australia. The airport is 5 nautical miles (9.3 km) south-east of Port Hedland and 11 km from South Hedland and is owned by the Town of Port Hedland Council. It is an important airport for passengers who work in the mining industry.

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YSSY – Hosted by @Choccymilk

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
1 01 MD-11F Fedex PHNL
1 02 777F Fedex KOAK
1 03 747-400 Atlas PHNL
1 04 777F Fedex NZAA
1 05 MD-11F UPS ZSPD @Firstofficer_sptrq
1 06 777F Emirates Cargo OMDB via VHHH @Raquis
1 08 A380-800 Qantas KLAX
1 09 787-9 American KLAX @ThomasThePro
1 10 A380-800 Qantas KDFW @Stellar_G
1 24 A380-800 Qantas EGLL via WSSS @airplane2
1 25 B777-300 Qatar OTHH @alzeze
1 30 787-9 United KSFO
1 31 787-9 Air New Zealand NZAA
1 32 A350-900 China Eastern ZSPD
1 33 A320-200 Air New Zealand NZCH @Collins4486
1 34 A330-300 SriLankan VCBI
1 35 787-9 Japan Airlines RJTT
1 36 A350-900 China Airlines RCTP
1 37 787-9 Qantas KSFO
1 50 787-9 United KIAH
1 51 787-9 Air Tahiti Nui NTAA @Alec
1 53 777-300ER Emirates OMDB @SunDown @MJP_27
1 54 A330-300 Garuda Indonesia WADD @Michael_Anderson
1 55 737-800 Virgin Australia WADD
1 56 777-300ER Virgin Australia KLAX @anon77793723
1 57 777-300ER Etihad OMAA
1 58 A350-900 Cathay Pacific VHHH @VH-VCQ
1 59 777-300ER Singapore Airlines WSSS
1 60 A320-200 Air New Zealand YSNF @WestCoastAviator
1 61 777-200LR Air Canada CYVR @Canadian_Aviator
1 63 737-700 Fiji Airways NFNA
1 77 787-9 Qantas EGLL @charrison
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
2 01 Q400 Qantaslink YSTW
2 02 B737-800 Qantas YMHB @anon43244797
2 03 B737-800 Qantas YBBN @nathank @InfiniteFlightAvgeek
2 04 B737-800 Qantas YPAD @Louis @Luke_Sta
2 05 Q400 Qantaslink YBDG
2 06 B737-800 Qantas YBAS @sam2875
2 07 B737-800 Qantas YBHM
2 08 B717-200 Qantaslink YSCB @Luke_Sta
2 09 B717-200 Qantaslink YBSU
2 10 B747-400 Qantas YBAS @Hayden_Buerckner
2 11 B737-800 Qantas YBCG
2 12 B737-800 Qantas YPPH
2 13 B737-800 Qantas YPDN
2 14 Q400 Qantaslink YSDU
2 16 Q400 Qantas YCFS
2 17 Q400 Qantaslink YLHI
2-F07 Q400 Qantaslink YPMQ
2-F08 Q400 Qantaslink YMOR
2-F09 Q400 Qantaslink YMAY @Robin3
2-F10 Q400 Qantaslink YSWG
2-F11 Q400 Qantaslink YBWW
2-F12 Q400 Qantaslink YBNA
Virgin Australia
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
2 31 B737-800 Virgin Australia YMML @The_Homeless_Dorito
2 32 B737-800 Virgin Australia YBBN @TwoEyes
2 33 B737-800 Virgin Australia YCFS
2 34 B737-800 Virgin Australia YMHB @Flying_Ryan
2 35 B737-800 Virgin Australia YPAD
2 36 B737-800 Virgin Australia YBTL
2 37 B737-800 Virgin Australia YAYE
2 38 B737-800 Virgin Australia YBHM
2 39 B737-800 Virgin Australia YSCB
2 40 B737-800 Virgin Australia YBCS
2 41 B737-800 Virgin Australia YBNA
2 42 B737-800 Virgin Australia YHBA
2 43 B737-800 Virgin Australia YBSU
2 44 B737-800 Virgin Australia YBCG
2 45 B737-800 Virgin Australia YMLT
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
2 49 A320 Jetstar YBBN
2 52 A320 Jetstar YMML @Weezie
2 53 A320 Jetstar YBHM
2 54 A320 Jetstar YBAS
2 55 A320 Jetstar YBTL
2 56 A320 Jetstar YBSU
2 57 A320 Jetstar YPDN
2 58 A320 Jetstar YAYE
2 59 A320 Jetstar YPPH
2-F13 CRJ-200 Kendell YMHB
2-F14 CRJ-200 Kendell YBSU
2-F15 CRJ-200 Kendell YSCB
2-F16 CRJ-200 Kendell YMLT

YMML – Hosted by @Oli_H

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
D2 737-800 Qantas NZAA
D3 A320 Air New Zealand NZQN
D4 A350-900 Cathay Pacific VHHH
D5 A330-300 SriLankan Airlines VCBI
D6 787-8 Jetstar PHNL
D7 A330-300 Garuda Indonesia WIII @Oli_H
D8 787-9 United KLAX
D9 777-300ER Virgin Australia KLAX @Syncline @JGrant639
D10 A380 Emirates OMDB
D11 787-9 Air Canada CYVR @Mikael_Abud
D12 787-8 Jetstar VTSP
D13 A380 Qantas KLAX @Marcus1
D14 A350-900 Singapore Airlines WSSS
D15 747-400 Qantas RJTT
D16 787-9 Qantas EGLL (via YPPH) @Infinite_Josh
D17 737-700 Fiji Airways NFFN
D18 A380 Etihad OMAA
D19 737-800 Virgin Australia WADD
D20 787-9 LATAM SCEL
G54 A320 Jetstar NZQN
G56 737-800 Qantas NZCH @Aero
G58 A359 China Eastern ZSPD
G59 A359 Qatar Airways OTHH @Marcello_Jr
G60 B777-300ER Air New Zealand NZAA @ThomasThePro
Gate Aircraft Airline Route Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
B21 A333 Qantas YPPH
B22 B738 Qantas YBAS
B23 A333 Qantas YSSY
B24 B738 Qantas YPDN
B25 B738 Qantas YSCB
B26 Q400 Qantaslink YMIA
B27 A320 Qantaslink YPKG
B28 Q400 Qantaslink YSCB
B29 Q400 Qantaslink YDPO @Oli_H
B30 Q400 Qantaslink YMLT
C1 B738 Qantas YSSY Oliver_Willis
C2 B738 Qantas YBBN
C3 B738 Qantas YPAD
C4 B738 Qantas YBAS
C6 B738 Qantas YBRM
C7 A333 Qantas YPPH
C8 B738 Qantas YBHM
C9 B738 Qantas YBCG @RileyBozina
C10 B738 Qantas YBBN
C11 B789 Qantas YSSY @MJP_27
C12 B738 Qantas YPDN
Virgin Australia + Airnorth
Gate Aircraft Airline Route Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
E1 B738 Virgin Australia YPAD
E2 B738 Virgin Australia YSSY @Nicholas_Pragassen
E3 B738 Virgin Australia YPDN
E4 A333 Virgin Australia YPPH
E5 B738 Virgin Australia YBBN
E6 B738 Virgin Australia YMIA
E7 B738 Virgin Australia YMHB
E8 A333 Virgin Australia YSSY
E9 B738 Virgin Australia YWLM
E10 B738 Virgin Australia YBCG @AviatorNikola
F11 B738 Virgin Australia YBBN
F12 A333 Virgin Australia YPPH
F13 A333 Virgin Australia YBBN
F14 B738 Virgin Australia YMLT
F15 B738 Virgin Australia YBSU
F16 B738 Virgin Australia YBCS
F17 B738 Virgin Australia YSCB
F18 B738 Virgin Australia YPAD
F19 B738 Virgin Australia YBHM
F20 E170 Airnorth YBWW
Gate Aircraft Airline Route Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
G41 A320 Jetstar YBCS @Oli_H
G42 A319 Tigerair YSSY
G43 A320 Jetstar YPAD
G44 A320 Jetstar YSSY
G45 A319 Tigerair YMHB
G46 A319 Tigerair YBBN
G47 A320 Jetstar YBBN @kwish19
G48 A319 Tigerair YPAD
G49 A320 Jetstar YPDN
G50 A320 Jetstar YAYE
G51 A319 Tigerair YBCG
G52 A320 Jetstar YPPH
Regional Express
Gate Aircraft Airline Route Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3

YBBN – Hosted by @Ash_Rand

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Gate 72A 737-800 Virgin Australia NSFA
Gate 72B 737-800 Virgin Australia AGGH
Gate 73A 737-800 Qantas NZCH
Gate 73B 737-800 Qantas NWWW
Gate 74A 737-700 Nauru Airlines ANYN
Gate 74B A320 Air New Zealand NZQN @Charles_S
Gate 75 777-300ER Emirates OMDB @Alexian61
Gate 76 787-10 Etihad OMAA
Gate 77 767-300ER Hawaiian PHNL
Gate 78 777-200ER Korean Air RKSI @ariete
Gate 79 787-9 Qantas KORD
Gate 80 787-10 EVA Air RCTP @Raveesh
Gate 81 A350-900 Singapore Airlines WSSS
Gate 82 787-9 Air Tahiti Nui NTAA
Gate 83 777-300ER Virgin Australia KLAX @Jack_Q
Gate 84 777-300ER Air New Zealand NZAA
Gate 85 787-9 Qantas KJFK (via KLAX)
Gate 86 747-400 Qantas VHHH
Gate 87 A350-900 Qatar Airways OTHH @FloAviation
Gate 60 737-800 Virgin Australia AYPY
Gate 61 737-800 Virgin Australia NVVV
Gate 62 A320 Solomon Airlines AGGH
Gate 63 737-800 Qantas NZCH
Gate 64 737-700 Fiji Airways NFFN @Robin3
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Gate 01A Q400 Rex YBDV
Gate 01B Q400 Rex YBCV
Gate 01C Q400 Rex YTGM
Gate 01D Q400 Rex YWDH
Gate 03 Q400 Qantaslink YLRE
Gate 04 Q400 Qantaslink YHBA
Gate 05 Q400 Qantaslink YBUD
Gate 06 Q400 Qantaslink YROM
Gate 16 737-800 Qantas YMML
Gate 17 737-800 Qantas YPDN
Gate 18 737-800 Qantas YPPD @IanD
Gate 19 737-800 Qantas YSSY @Hayden_Buerckner
Gate 20 737-800 Qantas YPAD
Gate 21 737-800 Qantas YBCS
Gate 22 737-800 Qantas YSCB
Gate 23 737-800 Qantas YPPH
Gate 24 737-800 Qantas YBTL
Remote 15 737-800 Qantas YBRM
Remote 15A 717-200 Qantaslink YBAS
Remote 15B 717-200 Qantaslink YBHM
Remote 103 Q400 Rex YCMU
Remote 108 Q400 Rex YBIE
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Gate 25 A320 Jetstar YAYE
Gate 26 A320 Jetstar YBCS @nolan_brant12
Gate 27 A320 Jetstar YMML
Gate 28 A320 Jetstar YSSY @Weezie
Gate 29 A320 Jetstar YMLT
Gate 30 A320 Jetstar YBMK
Gate 31 A320 Jetstar YBPN
Gate 32 A320 Jetstar YPAD
Remote 100 A319 Tigerair YSCB
Remote 101 A319 Tigerair YMML
Remote 102 A319 Tigerair YSSY
Virgin Australia
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 2
Gate 38 737-800 Virgin Australia YBAS
Gate 39 737-800 Virgin Australia YMML
Gate 40 737-800 Virgin Australia YBPN
Gate 41 737-800 Virgin Australia YSSY
Gate 42 737-800 Virgin Australia YBTL
Gate 43 737-800 Virgin Australia YBCS
Gate 44 737-800 Virgin Australia YSCB
Gate 45 737-800 Virgin Australia YMHB
Gate 46 737-800 Virgin Australia YPAD
Gate 47 737-800 Virgin Australia YBHM
Gate 48 737-800 Virgin Australia YPDN
Gate 49 737-800 Virgin Australia YPPH
Gate 50 737-800 Virgin Australia YBMK
Gate 53 737-800 Virgin Australia YWLM
Gate 54 737-800 Virgin Australia YBRK
Gate 55 737-800 Virgin Australia YCCY
Gate 56 737-800 Virgin Australia YEML
Gate 57 737-800 Virgin Australia YMLT
Remote 109 737-800 Virgin Australia YPMQ
Remote 110 737-800 Virgin Australia YSSY
Remote 111 737-800 Virgin Australia YGLA

YPPH – Hosted by @TRDubh

International - T1
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
T1 Gate 143 737-900 Malindo Air WADD @Fish
T1 Gate 144 A320 Batik Air WADD
T1 Gate 145 A320 Jetstar WADD
T1 Gate 146 A320 Air Asia WADL
T1 Gate 147 A330-300 South African Airlines FAOR
T1 Gate 148 A330-300 Air Asia X WMKK
T1 Gate 149 A330-300 Singapore Airlines WSSS
T1 Gate 150 777-200ER ANA RJAA
T1 Gate 151 777-200ER Thai Airways VTBS
T1 Gate 152 787-9 Air New Zealand NZAA
T1 Gate 153 787-9 Scoot WSSS
T1 Gate 154 787-9 Qantas EGLL @CaptainKyler @KindaTartySliceOfPie @anon39682098
T1 Gate 155 787-10 Etihad OMAA
T1 Gate 156 A350-900 Qatar Airways OTHH
T1 Remote 160 777-300ER Emirates OMDB
T1 Remote 161 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines WMKK
T1 Remote 162 A350-900 Cathay Pacific VHHH
T1 Gate 163 A350-900 Air Mauritius FIMP
Virgin Australia - T2
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
T2 Gate 201 737-800 Virgin Australia YSSY
T2 Gate 202 737-800 Virgin Australia YMML
T2 Gate 203 737-800 Virgin Australia YBBN
T2 Gate 204 737-800 Virgin Australia YPDN
T2 Gate 205 737-800 Virgin Australia YPAD
T2 Remote 206 737-800 Virgin Australia YBBN
T2 Remote 207 737-800 Virgin Australia YPPD
T2 Remote 208 737-800 Virgin Australia YNWN
T2 Remote 209 737-800 Virgin Australia YPKG
T2 Remote 210 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YBRM
T2 Remote 211 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YPKG
T2 Remote 212 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YPKU
T2 Remote 213 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YPKA
T2 Remote 214 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YOLW
T2 Remote 215 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YPCC
T2 Remote 216 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YBWX
T2 Remote 217 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YWWI
T2 Remote 218 A320 Virgin Australia Regional YPXM
T2 Remote 219 A320 Virgin Australia Regional YBAS
T2 Remote 220 A320 Virgin Australia Regional YPDN
T2 Gate 250 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YPPD
T2 Gate 251 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YANG
T2 Gate 252 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YBRY
T2 Gate 253 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YBGD
T2 Gate 254 A320 Virgin Australia Regional YARG
T2 Gate 255 717-200 Virgin Australia Regional YCNF

more gates to come


YPAD – Hosted by @Kacey

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
01A Q400 Rex YBHI
01B Q400 Rex YMIA
01C Q400 Rex YMTG
01D Q400 Rex YCBP
Remote apron 01 Q400 Rex YKSC
Remote apron 02 Q400 Rex YPAG
Remote apron 02A Q400 Rex YPLC
Remote apron 03 Q400 Rex YWHA
12L 737-800 Virgin Australia YBBN
13 737-800 Virgin Australia YMML
14L 737-800 Virgin Australia YSSY
16R 777-200LR Emirates OMDB @IanD
18R A350-900 Singapore Airlines WSSS
20R 777-200ER Air New Zealand NZAA @ariete
22R A350-900 Qatar Airlines OTHH
23 737-800 Qantas YMML
24L 737-800 Qantas YPPH
25 737-800 Qantas YSSY
26L A320 Jetstar YBBN
28L A320 Jetstar YPDN
50G Q400 QantasLink YSCB
50F Q400 QantasLink YPLC
50D Q400 QantasLink YKSC
50E Q400 QantasLink YWHA
50B Q400 QantasLink YSCB
50A Q400 QantasLink YKSC
Cargo apron 80 A320 Jetstar YBCS
Cargo apron 81 A320 Jetstar YBCG
Cargo apron 85 A320 Jetstar YMML
Cargo apron 86 A319 Tigerair YMML
Cargo apron 87 737-800 Virgin Australia YBAS
Cargo apron 88 737-800 Qantas YAYE

YPDN – Hosted by @EyesSkyward

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Terminal gate 1 A380 Qantas EGLL
Terminal gate 2 737-800 Donghai Airlines ZGSZ
Terminal gate 3 A320 Jetstar Asia WSSS
Terminal gate 4 A319 Silkair WSSS
Terminal gate 5 A320 Jetstar WADD
Terminal gate 8 717-200 Alliance Airlines WAPL
Southwest ramp 1 E170 Airnorth WPDL
Southwest ramp 2 E170 Airnorth WPDL
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Gate 6 A320 Jetstar YSSY
Southwest ramp 12A A380 Qantas YSSY
Gate 7 737-800 Qantas YSSY
Gate 9 737-800 Qantas YSSY
Gate 10 737-800 Virgin Australia YSSY
Gate 11A A320 Jetstar YBBN
Gate 12 737-800 Qantas YBBN
Gate 21 737-800 Qantas YBBN
Gate 22 737-800 Virgin Australia YBBN
Gate 23 A320 Jetstar YMML
Gate 24 737-800 Qantas YMML
Gate 25 737-800 Virgin Australia YMML
Transient 1 A320 Jetstar YPAD
Transient 2 737-800 Qantas YPAD
Transient 3 737-800 Qantas YPPH
Transient 4 737-800 Virgin Australia YPPH
Transient 5 A320 Jetstar YBCS
Transient 6 737-800 Qantas YAYE
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Southwest ramp 3 E170 Airnorth YBTL
Hangar 1 B717 Qantaslink YBRM
Southwest ramp 4 E170 Airnorth YPKU
Southwest ramp 5 E170 Airnorth YPKU
Hangar 3 B717 Airnorth YBAS
Hangar 4 B717 Qantaslink YBAS
Hangar 5 B717 Qantaslink YTGT
Southwest ramp 7 E170 Alliance Airlines YMHU
Hangar 2 E170 Airnorth YMHU
Southeast ramp 1 C208 Airnorth YPTN
Hangar 6 E170 Airnorth YGTE
Hangar 7 E170 Airnorth YGTE
Hangar 8 E170 Airnorth YPGV @IanD
Hangar 9 E170 Airnorth YPGV
Southeast ramp 3 C208 Airnorth YELD
Southeast ramp 5 C208 Airnorth YELD
Southeast ramp 7 C208 Airnorth YMGB
Northwest GA 51 C208 Fly Tiwi YMGB
Southeast ramp 9 C208 Airnorth YMGD
Southeast ramp 11 C208 Airnorth YMGD
Northwest GA 53 C208 Fly Tiwi YBTI
Northwest GA 55 C208 Fly Tiwi YGBI
Northwest GA 57 C208 Fly Tiwi YCKI
Northwest GA 59 C208 Fly Tiwi YGPT
Northwest GA 61 C208 Fly Tiwi YSNB
Northwest GA 63 C208 Fly Tiwi YLEV
Northwest GA 65 C208 Fly Tiwi YRNG

YSCB – Hosted by @Thomas

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Gate 4 737-800 Virgin Australia YPAD
Gate 5 777-300ER Singapore Airlines WSSS
Gate 6 737-800 Virgin Australia YBBN
Gate 7 737-800 Virgin Australia YBCG
Gate 8 737-800 Virgin Australia YMML
Gate 9 A350-900 Qatar Airways OTHH via YSSY
Gate 10 A319-100 Tigerair YBBN or YMML
Gate 11 737-800 Qantas YPPH
Gate 12 737-800 Qantas YMML
Gate 13 737-800 Qantas YBBN
Remote 14 737-800 Qantas YPAD

YMHB – Hosted by @Qantas094

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Gate 01 737-800 Qantas YSSY
Gate 02 A320 Jetstar YMML
Gate 03 A320 Jetstar YPAD @Big_Chungus
Gate 04 737-800 Virgin Australia YBBN
Gate 05 737-800 Virgin Australia YPPH
Cargo Apron 08 737-800 Virgin Australia YSSY
Cargo Apron 09A A319 Skytraders YWKS
Cargo Apron 10 A319 Tigerair YMML
Remote Apron 11A Q400 Sharp Airlines YMLT
Remote Apron 21 717-200 Qantaslink YSSY
Remote Apron 22 737-800 Qantas YMML

YBTL – Hosted by @Alex_E

Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
01A Q400 Qantaslink YBCS
01B Q400 Qantaslink YBMA
Gate 2 A320 Jetstar YBBN
Gate 3 A320 Jetstar YMML
Gate 4 E170 Airnorth YPDN
Gate 5 737-800 Qantas YBBN
Gate 6 737-800 Virgin Australia YBBN @Alex_E
Gate 7 737-800 Virgin Australia YSSY
Gate 8 A320 Jetstar YSSY
Gate 9 717 Qantaslink YBMK
GA 4 717 Alliance Airlines YCCY
GA 6 C208 Hinterland Aviation YPAM

YPPD – Hosted by @Oli_H

Gate Aircraft Airline Route Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
GA 1 Cessna 208 (Generic) Aviair YNWN
GA 2 Cessna 208 (Generic) Aviair YPKA
RPT 1 A320 Qantaslink YPPH
RPT 2 717-200 (Generic) Virgin Australia regional YPPH
RPT 3 737-800 Qantas YBBN
RPT 4 717-200 Qantaslink YPPH @Colelee083
RPT 5 737-800 Qantas YPPH

  • Please act in a professional manner at all times
  • IFATC will be present during this event, however, if there is no active ATC, please use Unicom correctly and professionally
  • We take no responsibility for violations received during this event.
  • Regulars may edit this topic and add themselves to a gate at any time (please inform yourself on how to edit a table before adding yourself to a gate).
  • When requesting a gate, please reply below with your Gate, Airport, and Wave
  • This event will use a wave system for 12 hours. Each airport will have 3 times for departure. Times can be found below
  • Instrument procedures will be in use during this event, please make sure you are familiar will these. For any charts required, please visit this site.
  • Make sure to post pictures of the event once it has been completed.
Wave Schedule

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Have fun everyone!


Ooo a qUaNtAs fLiGhT tO mY hOmE aiRpOrT! I’ll take this gate, thanks!


Sure, which wave?

Ah yes, forgot about that, wave 1, thanks.

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Added! See you there.

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Hi! Can I take Gate 74B to NZQN (Air New Zealand) at YBBN?


Is this guaranteed? 😂😂

Certainly, which wave?

In terms of the amount of gates available to pilots, we’re pretty certain it is haha.

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I still don’t quite understand, the time I would have wanted was 1900z but that seems to be inbetween Wave 1 and 2.

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Oof you spelt my last name wrong haha. No big deal 🇧🇦 lmao

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The departures are staggered, so each airport has 3 departure times. 1900Z is YPAD, YPDN, and YMHB, so you are more than welcome to fly a route out of either of those three airports :)

Yus pls (Unless I don’t get up to G3 in time which is highly unlikely)

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Err then Wave 2 please! Not sure I want to be up at 3am!


Sure, which wave?

All yours!

Cheers! Excited to fly.


I think 3 is good. Will let you know of else

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Just added, see you there :)

What time is wave 2