11JUL20 / 1400Z + 1900Z + 0100Z - TGVxSASVA Present: Asian Adventure to Scandinavian Scenery @ VTBS to ESSA



Welcome to an event by Thai Group Virtual and Scandinavian Virtual. As Infinite Flight 20.1 has recently been released, Thai Virtual and SAS Virtual are having an event to celebrate the launch of 20.1! All pilots, regardless if you are a member of any of the two Virtual airlines or not, are absolutely welcome to join this event. We will be exploring the new features of 20.1, such as SID, STARs and the NEW 777-200ER!

The event will take place on the expert server, and we will have three separate departures to ensure ideal times for 3 different regions of the world. The route for the event is VTBS-ESSA, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi, Thailand - Stockholm Arlanda, Sweden. We will have a choice of either SAS aircraft or Thai aircraft. The SAS aircraft feature the A350-900 and the Thai aircraft feature the A350-900 and the B777-200ER. Pilots can choose from any of the aircraft even if they are in the other VA!


Date: July 11th, 2020
Time: 3 Different Departures, see below for more details
Route: VTBS - ESSA
Estimated Flight Time: ~12 Hours
Aircraft: Thai 777-200ER // SAS A350-900 // Thai A350-900 // SAS B747-200
Server: Expert


Departure 1 - Asia
Departure Time: 2020-07-11T14:00:00Z // 1400Z

Departure 2 - Europe
Departure Time: 2020-07-11T19:00:00Z // 1900Z

Departure 3 - Americas
Departure Time: 2020-07-12T01:00:00Z // 0100Z


*- Signifies Group Leader Departure Group 1 Departure Group 2 Departure Group 3

Departure Group 1 (1400Z)
Gate Aircaft Livery IFC Name Callsign
C1 777-200ER Thai @Loogie125* TGV-103
C2 777-200ER Thai @Thai951 TGV-1002
C3 777-200ER Thai @S1AM TGV-1001
C4 777-200ER Thai @PocketRishi -
C5 B747-200 SAS - -
C6 A350-900 SAS @Captainflight QVR753
C7 777-200ER Thai @li7ing TGV-1010
C8 A350-900 SAS - -
C9 777-200ER Thai @DeccyB TGV-105
C10 777-200ER Thai - -
Departure Group 2 (1900Z)
Gate Aircaft Livery IFC Name Callsign
C1 A350-900 SAS @Isgrena * SASV001
C2 777-200ER Thai @Emmanuel_Mgilane TGV-1006
C3 777-200ER Thai @Ritesh321 TGV-1017
C4 777-200ER Thai @Lawin_S SASV350
C5 B747-200 SAS @Jens_Severin SASV002
C6 B747-200 SAS @Param_Patnaik -
C7 A350-900 SAS @Terra SASV058
C8 A350-900 SAS @aydenbns -
C9 A350-900 Thai @Jamaal_Kanyau TGV-1019
C10 A350-900 Thai - -
Departure Group 3 (0100Z)
Gate Aircaft Livery IFC Name Callsign
C1 B747-200 SAS @mis_6309 * SASV006
C2 777-200ER Thai @Nicolas_Dejoy TGV-1005
C3 777-200ER Thai @JB1223 TGV-1014
C4 777-200ER Thai - -
C5 777-200ER Thai - -
C6 B747-200 SAS - -
C7 A350-900 SAS @anon79257371 SAS 74 Heavy
C8 A350-900 SAS - -
C9 A350-900 Thai - -
C10 A350-900 Thai - -


  • Please spawn at your registered gate at least 10 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Please pushback one by one for each taxiway.
  • Please avoid all kinds of violation during pushback, taxiing, queuing, taking off, departing.
  • Please maintain at least 4 nm separation before takeoff.
  • Please be respectful of Unicom.
  • Please maintain realism.
  • Departure runway will be determined at a later point
  • Thai Group Virtual and SASVA pilots will receive 2x flight time!
  • Pilots that are not part of Thai Virtual or SASVA are encouraged to join


Thai Group Virtual is an IFVARB-Approved VA that allows pilots to discover regions and to enjoy an amazing VA environment. From beautiful routes to professional pilots to a variety of aircraft, Thai Virtual is perfect for you!

SAS Virtual Group was founded in late 2018, with the goal to bring professional pilots together and explore the world from Scandinavia. Just like the vikings did for almost 1000 years ago. If you want to discover the world’s northernmost commercial airport or just want to enjoy an amazing VA environment, SAS Virtual Group is the VA for you!

Check out our thread by clicking here


Hello!, please sign me up for the departure at 0100Z
Thank you!

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You are signed up! See you then!

Please sign me up for Group 2 departing at 9pm
Call Sign: TGV1006
Aircraft: B772
Gate: C2
Livery: Thai

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You are signed up @Emmanuel_Mgilane!

Heyo! Looks like a fun event. Can I have gate C7 in the third departure wave? Thanks!

Awesome! What will your callsign be?

SAS 74 (heavy?)

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Hey could I have gate c3 in the group taking off at 1400z callsign tgv1017


@anon79257371 and @Ritesh321, you are signed up! Can’t wait to see you there!

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I’ll take C5 on departure group 1. Callsign is SASV006 Heavy!

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Signed up @mis_6309! See you then!

I would like to join Group 1
Gate: C2

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You are signed up!


I would like to join group 2
Gate: C9
Aircraft: A350-900

Hi could please departure 2 and Thai 772

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C7 please! Callsign is SASV058

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@Lawin_S - you are signed up!
@Terra, which departure?

Of course I’m in!
Departure group two please

Really tho? I am Australian and I am in the Asia pacific region, and that is MIDNIGHT!!

Anyway…Can’t do this event sadly :(. Nice thread though, but the third departure time seems pretty good

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