11JUL20 / 1330Z - The Indian Flyout! @ VIDP

The Great Indian Flyout!


Hello friends! Today we will be looking at a region of the flight-sim world that doesn’t get much attention… India! Now you may be thinking, why New Delhi? You could’ve picked Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, or even Kolkata! The reason I picked New Delhi, was because Air India, which is India’s biggest international carrier, is based in New Delhi. Air India offers flights to North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa! While IndiGo offers more flights near India, going as far as Istanbul! IndiGo is known as India’s biggest carrier, serving almost 35+ airports in India! SpiceJet is also a great carrier in India! SpiceJet will take you as far as Jeddah, and Hong Kong!

New Delhi is an urban district located in the city of Delhi. New Delhi serves as the capital of India and the seat of all three branches of the Government of India. The foundation stone of New Delhi was laid by Emperor George V during the Delhi Durbar of 1911.

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Time: 2020-07-11T13:30:00Z

About Indira Gandhi International Airport


Indira Gandhi International Airport serves as the major international aviation hub of the Indian capital city of New Delhi as well as India. The airport, spread over an area of 5,106 acres, is situated in Palam, 15 km south-west of the New Delhi railway station and 16 km from New Delhi city centre.


Terminal 2
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
41 Mumbai [VABB] IndiGo A320 @George
42 Chennai [VOMM] IndiGo A320 @prateekmohapatra
43 Kolkata [VECC] IndiGo A320 -
44 Bengalaru [VOBL] IndiGo A320 6EVA33 @Ritesh321
45 Ahmedabad [VAHH] IndiGo A320 -
46 Kochi [VOCI] IndiGo A320 -
47 Dubai [OMDB] IndiGo A320 -
48 Singapore [WSSS] IndiGo A320 -
49 Doha [OTHH] IndiGo A320 -
Terminal 3
A Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
A01 San Francisco [KSFO] Air India B77L AIVA054 @Rohan_Mehrotra
A03 Vancouver [CYVR] Air India B77L -
A07 Chicago [KORD] Air India B77L AIVA104@ng123
A08 Toronto [CYYZ] Air India B788 @PilotCSG
A09 Washington [KIAD] Air India B77L AIVA090 @Sanket_Gawade
A10 New York City [KJFK] Air India B77L @Fynlay_Davies
A11 London [EGLL] Air India B77L AIVA095 @Axeno
A12 Paris [LFPG] Air India B788 -
A13 Frankfurt [EDDF] Air India B788 -
A14 Madrid [LEMD] Air India B788 -
B Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
B15 New York City [KJFK] Delta B77L @DeltaCs100
B17 Tokyo [RJAA] Air India B788 -
B19 Sydney [YSSY] Air India B77L @Captainflight
B20L Auckland [NZAA] Air India B788 -
B21 Dubai [OMDB] Emirates B77W @Furwani
B22 Moscow [UUEE] Aeroflot A359 -
B24 London [EGLL] British Airways B772 -
B26 Newark [KEWR] United B772 -
C Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
C27 Istanbul [LTFM] Turkish B77W -
C28 Amsterdam [EHAM] KLM B789 @RoBroStar
C29 Seoul [RKSI] Korean B772 @Josh_Leszczynski
C30 Munich [EDDM] Lufthansa A359 -
C31 Singapore [WSSS] Singapore Airlines B77W @Vipraal_Budhram
C32 Doha [OTHH] Qatar Airways A359 @cptlogue
C34 Toronto [CYYZ] Air Canada B789 @CptCalvin437
D Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
D37 Beijing [ZBAA] Air China B789 -
D39 Kyiv [UKBB] Ukraine International Airlines B772 -
D43 Chennai [VOMM] Spicejet B739 -
D45 Bhopal [VABP] Spicejet B739 -
D46 Goa [VOGA] Air India A321 -
D47 Leh [VILH] Air India A319 -
D48 Muscat [OOMS] Air India A321 -
D49 Abu Dhabi [OMAA] IndiGo A320 -
D50 Dubai [OMDB] Air India A321 -
D51 Dubai [OMDB] Flydubai B738 -
D52 Doha [OTHH] Qatar Airways A321 -
D53 Almaty [UAAA] Air India A321 AIVA083 @Samyak_Siddhanta
D56 Paro [VQPR] Spicejet B739 -
D58 Kathmandu [VNKT] Air India A321 @Karthik_Khosla
D60 Dhaka [VGHS] IndiGo A320 -
D62 Hanoi [VVNB] Vietjet Air A321 -
E Gates
Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Pilot
E64 Ho Chi Minh City [VVTS] Vietjet Air A321 -
E66 Bangkok [VTBS] IndiGo A320 -
E68 Phuket [VTSP] IndiGo A320 -
E70 Kuala Lumpur [WMKK] Malaysia Airlines B738 -
E72 Da Nang [VVDN] Vietjet Air A321 -
E74 Malé [VRMM] Air India A321 -
E76 Colombo [VCBI] Spicejet B739 -
E78 Riyadh [OERK] Air India A321 -
E80 Jeddah [OEJN] Air India A321 @FLIGHT2
E82 Srinagar [VISR] Air India A321 -
E84 Kabul [OAKB] Air India A321 -




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I love the Hindi translation on that heh

man I really wish I could come, I would do the VOMM route as on your favourites (since ive been there many times), but not got a sub

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So my time it shows it’s 09:30 EDT but Zulu time it’s 14:30Z which is 10:30 EDT.

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I fixed it. It was at 1330Z

@cptlogue Could you add a gate for a Delta 77L to KJFK please

Any gate

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Hey, at @cptlogue ! Thank you for such a great event! I have family living in New Dehli! In real life, I flew the route above in the Dreamliner when flying from Dehli to Amsterdam to Atlanta! All 3 are some of my most favorite airports! It was my first flight in the Dreamliner and all of its technologies were incredible! May I have this gate?

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I will take this gate please thank you. BTW, this event looks amazing

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Thanks Udeme!

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@RoBroStar - Amsterdam // [EHAM]
@Udeme_Ekpo - Jeddah // [OEJN]

I will see what I can do

That’s so cool! I hope you like your route!

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I’ll take this :)

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@PilotCSG - Toronto // [CYYZ]
@DeltaCs100 - New York City // [KJFK]

I will take this gate ;)

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@George - Mumbai // [VABB]

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Can i please have any gate for a Qatar Airways A359 to OTHH? Looks like an amazing event

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Sorry that gate is taken

Can i please have B21 to OMDB with the emirates 777W?

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@kieran464 - Dubai // [OMDB]

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