11JUL / 2100z - The "City of Trees" Flyout! @KBOI


Hello and Welcome to The City of Trees. In today’s Flyout, we will depart from Boise Air Terminal. Here is some information about the airport.
Airlines the Operate Here: Alaska, Delta, Southwest, American and United.

Airport Chart: FlightAware_BOI_APD_AIRPORT DIAGRAM

Server: Expert

Airport: KBOI

Time: 2020-07-11T21:00:00Z

Gates Directionary:

Concource C


Concource B

United, Delta, Southwest, American.


Concourse C

C2 - Alaska(Horizon Air) - Q400 - KBOI to KSEA
C4 - Alaska(Skywest)(Genric) - E175 - KBOI to KSAN
C6 - Alaska(Skywest)(Genric) - E175 - KBOI to KLAX
C3 - Alaska(Skywest)(Genric) - E175 - KBOI to KPDK
C5 - Alaska(Horizon Air) - Q400 - KBOI to KDEN
C8 - Alaska - A320 - KBOI to KIAH
C10- Alaska - A320 - KBOI to KLAX
C12- Alaska - A320 - KBOI to KIAH

Concourse B

B10- United - E170 - KBOI to KSFO - @GameBoy_KIRB - K-1RB7
B11 Southwest - 737 - KBOI to KLAS - @Hogwyld - Southwest 501
B15 - United - E170 - KBOI to KDEN
B17 - Southwest - 737 - KBOI to KDEN
B19 - Delta - A321 - KBOI to KMSP
B22 - Delta - 738 - KBOI to KSLC - @StormyAviation - Delta 594
B22A - Southwest - 738 - BOI to KDAL
B22A - American - 738 KBOI to KDFW
B20 - Southwest - 737-KBOI to KMDW - @Anthony_Williams - N0TV
B18 - Delta - 738 - KBOI to KATL - @Infinite_Flight_Bra1-Delta 167
B16 - Southwest - 737 - KBOI to KSJC - @BigBert10 - SWVA100


  • I am not Responsible for any ghosting during the Event.

  • Please Respond by Mentioning the Gate, the airline, your callsign and your destination.

  • Fpltoif is strongly recommended when making your flight plan.

  • Please Respect ATC, Unicom, and other participants in the Event.

  • More Gates may be added if needed.

  • Lastly, Remember to have FUN!

ATC is requested. Please PM me if you want to atc.


Woo hoo my home base!

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Do you want a Gate?

IDK if I will be able to attend. Probably though.

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If I join I will probably do KBOI-KSLC Delta 737-800 gets b22 done this exact route in real life, same gate.

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I can add that gate. Should I sign you up?

Yes sign me up, Btw current weather, scattered clouds and occasional rain and very light winds.

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You should change this to group flights, Btw can you move it to 1:30 or 2:00, it’s fine if you don’t but I would probably be more able to attend at that time, again just a request.

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B11 southwest 737 to KLAS please


I can @StormyAviation

Oh wow thanks what time is it changed to now 1:30 or 2:00?

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You mean 2:00 PM your time?

Yes. 2pm mountain standard time.

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I’ll change it for you

Thankyou very much.

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He should keep it to #live:events because you can’t assign gates on a #live:groupflights thread

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Ah okay never knew that, thanks for telling me.

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My call sign is Delta 594.

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@Hogwyld please tell your callsign.

B20 destination should be KMDW.

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