11FEB23 | 2300Z | Nepal Flyout @VNKT DEPARTED

@Ryan_15 of course! Great choice

can i do this please.

@IFA_YT of course! Great choice

This one please

This please!

@pom Roger that

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Event bump!!!

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Can I take gate 11 please

@N889FQ Roger that

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This please

@Avaitor1 Roger that

by the way, i don’t think the q400 will make it into lukla. it’ll be a tricky landing. I think the C208 would be more suitable

@JMacMcd of course!

I’ll take this

@JMacMcd coming right up

yeah I didn’t mean I wanted a flight to lukla lol. I was just saying that I thought the Q400 was a bit big lol

@JMacMcd 🤣🤣🤣
Sorry bout that

yeah nw. I’m not in the mood to face plant into a mountain at lukla lol

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@Ryan_15 @JMacMcd @N889FQ @IFA_YT @UALPilot

Please press “Going” since you all signed up for a gate

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Event bump!!