11DEC22 Extraordinary Eugene Flyout! @KEUG

2 commercial gates left!

Let’s get some signups!

This please

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I can get you down for that here in a second!

So I just checked the route just to confirm they’re still running the Phoenix service, and they are, but to AZA instead of PHX. Are you ok with a switch to AZA, for realism? (if not that’s fine too) Or would you like to pick a different Allegiant route? I know for sure they fly to Los Angeles and Las Vegas

I’ve got you down for the gate regardless

Please😉 can I have this

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yes, yes you can and i’ll get you down for it in just a moment


this gives me mixed signals i dont know why

and with that, all passenger slots have been taken!

Cargo C208s and GA slots remain!

Also some ATC would be good!

I’ll go to Las Vegas then

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Let’s get some more sign ups!

Cargo and GA are still available!

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@AirCanada11 @AmericanEagle @plane_guy12 since you guys have laid claim to a gate, can you guys press “going” on the going/interested/not-going box on the main post?

ATC slots are still available! If you have expert ATC access, and would like to run a session here, let me know!

Event bump

Event PM has been sent out, in it containing a poll of whether or not one can go or not

I suspect at least 1 or 2 vote no, and those gates will be freed up for someone else and then there’ll be open gates once more

just a tad under 2 weeks, gate A6 with Southwest is available with service to either Oakland, Las Vegas or San Jose!