11DEC21 / 0700Z - Qantas Virtual Group Presents: QVG COO Joshs Birthday Celebration

QVG COO Joshs Birthday Celebration

Come join us as we celebrate the man, the myth, the legend, the COO of Qantas Virtual Group, Josh Hicks! We will be flying from his favourite airport - Moorabbin Airport to the recently updated 3D airport, Gold Coast. We will also be flying some skyart along the way


Event Details

Origin Airport Destination Airport Livery Aircraft Flight Duration Server
YMMB - Moorabbin Airport YBCG - Gold Coast Kendell Airlines CRJ200 2:30 (estimated) Expert

Event Depature



YMMB Tower/Ground @Ben_Bino
YBCG Tower/Ground @Ben_Bino


To request a gate, simply reply to the thread with:

IF Callsign - IFC Username
(Please note you will be allocated next available gate)
Gates - Moorabbin Airport Main Terminal

Gate IF Callsign IFC Username
Main Terminal 4 Qantas 9VG @Thor_Jensen (QVG Event Manager)
Main Terminal 2 Qantas 10VG @Jxshua - (QVG Flights Operations Officer)
Main Terminal 11 Qantas 253VG @FiniteFlying
Main Terminal 9 Qantas 96VG @Infinite_Josh
Main Terminal 7 Qantas 726 @NepalAviator_RBX
Main Terminal 5 Qantas 493VG @CanadianNorth
Main Terminal 18 Qantas 123VG @CaptainMungo
Main Terminal 16 Qantas 902VG @Sueno43
Main Terminal 14 Qantas 27VG @Baba
Main Terminal 12 Qantas 16VG @RileyBozina
Main Terminal 25 Qantas 77VG @Capt_Hari
Main Terminal 23
Main Terminal 21
Main Terminal 19
Main Terminal 28
Main Terminal 30
Main Terminal 32
Main Terminal 35
Main Terminal 33

More gates will be added if needed


Additionally, check out our thread here.

Banner image taken by QVG493 - @CanadianNorth


QVG871 - Stillzy

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QVG96 infinite josh

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QVG 10 Jxshua

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You guys better join! Thor was being an absolute God in Discord.

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Hi, I’ll like to take Main Terminal 7.

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Hey @Thor_Jensen 👋 Nice Banner! 😉 that’s 12 am for me
But I want to celebrate and join !
QVG493. CanadianNorth. Thanks

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QVG7 - sebastianf

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902VG - Sueno43, sound like a fun event can’t wait!

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@CanadianNorth, @SebastianF, @Sueno43

Your gates have been allocated.

@NepalAviator_RBX your gate has also been allocated, but we do need your in-game callsign also please.

Many Thanks
QVG Events Manager

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Cheers Mate!

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Qantas 726 but right now it is Philippines 726.

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Its not too late to sign up for a gate!

Come celebrate with us!!

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QVG027 - Baba

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We are so excited to see you all at our event.

Its not too late to sign up with plenty of gates still available.


Hey I’ll sign up for this gate with Qantas 16VG

QVG 77 Capt_Hari

QVG253 - Finite Flying, sign me up!

Would love to come and celebrate but my application hasn’t been read or I was declined.


Pretty sure these events are open to all! Thor would tell you if im wrong