11DEC20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: Whales That Fly @ EDDF

I am happy that it’s any server YAY😁🤩

Frankly-furt, this is a good FNF. While I’m there, du I bai any German food, or do I go with mi-ami to the Lufthansa lounge?

That’s enough puns for one day.


@Thunderbolt that’s pretty good jokes

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Awesome FNF, but doesn’t JFK have A380s that fly in? im not really sure.

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They sometimes do. But rarely

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@DeltaFox @SWA1997 - While JFK does have numerous A380 flights a day, New York was solely featured in an FNF about 2 weeks ago (here). It seems that Misha chose not to include JFK in an effort to feature airports that haven’t been featured recently in the FNF’s. There are 3 other American airports featured tomorrow (Boston - KBOS, Miami - KMIA, and Los Angeles - KLAX).


I was just saying that I am happy that I could fly the FNF on the training Server that’s all




Wow, Misha is growing a stubble. I like it.

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Richtig ;)

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Why is there the route to Munich? I mean how rare is/was that? Normally it’s served by a A320 or A321

^ See this comment.

The EDDF-EDDM Route is typically populated with a variety of aircraft ranging from small regional jets all the way to large jumbo jets. This FNF takes place in a ‘non-COVID world’ with extremely high demand as we enter the holiday season; therefore the reason the A380 is being featured. But as stated in the event post, you may use other aircraft if you wish. ☺️

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Thanks I didnt see that. I was only wondering as I live in Munich and never saw such flight

Yay a380 getting some love

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If you watch MIA Airport 24/7 you know what route I’m flying.😉

Fun FNF Misha I can’t wait to fly in it!

Would have been great if the A380 had wingflex </3

Amazing! Can’t wait to fly the A380!

I am German but I live in AUS! Great FNF Misha!

Not to be rude or anything. But when you guys as a staff focus diversity wouldn’t it make sense for the hub to be in a different part of the world knowing we just last week had the hub be in Central Europe. I get the concept of the event but make Seoul or Doha the hub instead. More people will be more attractive if you switch up the region of the hub as you do with every other FNF. Just some advice 🙂.

FNF underway! Nice FNF Misha!