11AUG20 / 1500Z - The Flyout in Paradise @ PHNL [FINISHED]

The Flyout in Paradise at Honolulu!

honolulu 2

Aloha and welcome to my flyout in paradise! Honolulu is the largest city in the state of Hawaii with over 250,000 residents. It is located on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu.

It is a very popular tourist attraction with popular sites such as Waikiki beach, Diamond Head state monument, and Pearl Harbor all within a close driving distance! Honolulu is also considered to be the most populated remote city.

Event Information

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (PHNL)

Time: 2020-08-11T15:00:00Z

With all that covered, let’s move on to the gates!

Terminal 1 (Hawaiian Airlines) - 9 left
Gate Dest. Aircraft Airline Pilot
49 KSJC Boeing 767 Hawaiian Airlines @Jack_Q
50 KPDX Boeing 767 Hawaiian Airlines
52 PHTO Boeing 717 Hawaiian Airlines @CaptainKyler
53 KJFK Boeing 767 Hawaiian Airlines
54 YBBN Boeing 767 Hawaiian Airlines
55 PHLI Boeing 717 Hawaiian Airlines
56 PHOG Boeing 717 Hawaiian Airlines
57 PHKO Boeing 717 Hawaiian Airlines
58 PHTO Boeing 717 Hawaiian Airlines
59 RJTT Boeing 767 Hawaiian Airlines
60 PHMK Boeing 717 Hawaiian Airlines @GameBoy_KIRB
61 YSSY Boeing 767 Hawaiian Airlines
Terminal 2 (Everybody Else) - 13 left
Gate Dest. Aircraft Airline Pilot
06 KBOS Boeing 767 United
07 KDEN Boeing 777-200ER United @United2
08 CYEG Boeing 737-800 WestJet
09 YMML Boeing 787-8 JetStar
10 RCTP Airbus A350 China Airlines
11 KSFO Boeing 737-900 Alaska @LuminousNate
12 KSAN Boeing737-800 Southwest @SamtypicalYT
13 KORD Boeing 787-9 American
14 RJAA Boeing 777-200ER United @Infinite_Flight_Bra1
15 RKSI Boeing 777-200LR Asiana
16 PKMJ Boeing 737-700 United @Alexian61
17 RKSI Boeing 747-8 Korean Air @CPT_Bambi
18 RJOI Boeing 787-9 Japan Airlines
19 PANC Boeing 737-800 Alaska
20 PGUM Boeing 777-200ER United
21 KLAX Airbus A321 American @fkmtkuo
22 KSEA Boeing 757 Delta
23 KSLC Boeing 767 Delta @Smitty824
24 KSMF Boeing 737-800 Southwest @Planeboi19
25 CYVR Boeing 787-9 Air Canada @Captain-787
26 KPHX Airbus A321 American
27 CYYC Boeing 737-800 WestJet @Felix0811
28 NFFN Boeing 737-700 Fiji Airways @Udeme_Ekpo
29 RJAA Boeing 747-8 Korean Air
30 RPLL Airbus A350 Phillipine Airlines @Derp_PH
31 KDFW Boeing 787-9 American @iiExTReME
32 KORD Boeing 777-200ER United @ORD777Flyer
33 PHKO Boeing 737-800 Southwest @Andrew_Shay
34 KLAX Boeing 757 Delta
Cargo - 5 left
Gate Dest. Aircraft Airline Pilot
Cargo UPS 01 KSDF Airbus A330-200F UPS
Cargo UPS 02 WMKK Boeing 757 UPS
Cargo Pacific Air KPAE Boeing 747-8 Boeing Freight
Cargo FedEx 01 KMEM Boeing 777F FedEx @Bryan
Cargo UPS 03 KLAS Airbus A330-200F UPS
Cargo UPS 04 KMIA McDonnell Douglas MD11F UPS

Extra Information

  • I am aware that Hawaiian Airlines no longer operates the Boeing 767. Infinite Flight currently does not have aircraft to substitute it which would be the A321neo and A330-200. However, If you would like to use the A321-200 or A330-300 instead of the 767, just let me know.

  • If anybody has any suggestions to make my event thread look better, please PM me. This is my first event, so I need to learn more :)

  • If you have questions comments, or concerns, please PM me politely and respectfully.

  • If you do choose to attend, be sure to have fun at the event!

  • If you would like a different route, please let me know, I will be happy to change it for you.

I hope to see you there!


Gate 7, 777 to Denver please

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Nice flyout! I’ll take the WJ 737-800 to CYEG, what an odd route!


@Bryan @Bren_McDonell thanks for signing up! I will put you down!


Wish i can join but school starts that day ugh


Danggg that sucks

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Hey @Captain-787 so your chart looks a bit off. Make sure after your top line of the chart, make sure under that you add

|-|-| the number of columns you have |-| per column

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Is there a United 777-200 to ORD? I’ll take one if there is

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I’ll take this gate

hey! that’s my birthday!

Hey man do you still think I can get a United 777-200 to ORD callsign UA218. I’m supposed to be on this flight next summer so I want to remake my flight

Hey please in case you wanna know, your table is not working

| (Option 1) | (Option 2) | (Option 3) |
| Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 |

You are missing the

In between your table titles and table gates

Yes, I will create a gate for that, no problem. Thanks for signing up!

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Thanks for signing up!

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@CPT_Colorado @SkyTrail thank you so much! That looks much better. Would either of you guys like a gate?
@Itsumi Happy early birthday!

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I wil take this one

thank you…?

@GameBoy_KIRB Thanks for signing up! I will put you down.
@Itsumi Were you not the person that said it is my birthday?

yes that was me but it’s too early lol

Oh lol ok. Would you like a gate?