11APR21/ 18:00z - IFS Sunday Night Fly In @ VCBI

Come join us less than 20 minutes as we are making our way to Malé, Maldives from Colombo, Sri Lanka! We hope to see you there 🛫

IFS Sunday Night Fly In
🇲🇻 Maldivian Tour 🇲🇻
Sunday April 11/ Training
🛫 Colombo VCBI ➡️ 🛬 Malé VRMM
Meeting Time: 14:00 EST/ 18:00 Zulu
Pushback: +5 minutes after start time
Aircraft: Airbus A320/ AirAsia

Speed Procedure:
Speed 1: 240 IAS to FL100
Speed 2: 310 IAS to FL280
Speed 3: M.82 to FL340

Copy FPL from Captain Lewis

Copy FPL before Pushback
VS 2500/ FL340/ Speed M.82/ Spacing 8 NM/ Duration 1.5 hours

• ATC Coverage terminated

• Follow giving procedures from Event Host

• Follow giving procedures on event poster

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Oh I had no idea I joined coincidentally
So I flew a 777 haha

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