[112 ATTENDED - COMPLETED - THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!] An Australiasian Fly-Out @ NZAA, YMML, YSSY & NZWN - 101800ZAUG19 | Hosted by the Regulars!

I’m about to get on and approve all waiting attendees. Anyone who put their name as Nick Alexander please contact me.

I can’t see your request in our database. Please make sure you filled out the correct form.

Wish I could join but my subscription would have ended.

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I’ll do another one

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Found you I will put you up there now!
Actually I don’t believe that gate is offered.

To help keep this thread going, you may now request signups here on the thread. Please reply with all the relevant information.


Everyone who has not been added will be contacted in regards to gate changes and/or route changes


Everyone has now been added!

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If I haven’t been added, should I expect someone to PM me?

can i have a gate change please and wave change?

Just a reminder that the forms are no longer in use due to user problems. Feel free to continue signing up by replying to this thread. If you need to request a change, please do so by alerting your airport manager to the gate and/or the wave changes.



@Kacey could you please remove me from melbourne (YMML) and @KaiM could you put me down for wave 3 at YSSY Etihad A380 to OMAA please :)

I’ll sort all that out for you now :)

If it’s not too much trouble, could I do the same thing? I’m currently in Pier B at NZAA, but would like to be moved to 1-34 (Wave 2) at YSSY. Thanks! :)

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thank you for that :)

Sure thing! I’ll change you shortly

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Thanks so much, Connor - can’t wait :)

Event is coming up soon, I know we having been pushing it but we’d like you all to attend!


I’ll take the Emirates A380 from YMML to OMDB gate D9. Signed up. Thank you regulars for this event 🙂

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Thank you Tyler for adding this event into the IFATC Schedule! If only I could be home at this day.